Apollo Med Innovations Announces an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with CryoXcel

Apollo Med Innovations announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with CryoXcel, a leader in cryotherapy technology made in the USA

CryoXcel's whole body cryotherapy chamber met Apollo’s standard and unyielding commitment to clinical efficacy, patient outcomes and partner return on investment.”

— Randy Wright, CEO, Apollo Med Innovations

PEACHTREE CITY, GA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Apollo Med Innovations, LLC (Apollo) today announced that it has signed an exclusive multi-year distribution agreement with CryoXcel, LLC. CryoXcel is a leader in whole body cryotherapy technology made in the USA and based in Auburn, AL.

“We tested the CryoXcel technology in our company-owned medical spa for several months prior to entering into this agreement” said Randy Wright, CEO, Apollo Med Innovations. “While we explored a number of other options, as we wanted to expand the Apollo product line into the latest in wellness products, CryoXcel passed and exceeded every test. CryoXcel’s whole body cryotherapy chamber met Apollo’s standard and unyielding commitment to clinical efficacy, patient outcomes and partner return on investment.”

CryoXcel’s unique Degree of Certainty feature allows you to provide sessions at exact temperatures from -50 to -225 so each client discovers the treatment temperature they need. The simple to use digital interface makes creating a custom temperature for each client easy and gives clients a superior rejuvenating experience. CryoXcel is a leader in providing innovative safety features that are engineered to provide safe and comfortable cryotherapy sessions. CryoXcel’s patent-pending CryoFlow is a closed-circuit vortex nitrogen delivery system that incorporates a unique thermal exchange process that allows for an even and safe gas distribution that gets cold quicker and improves gas utilization. CryoXcel saunas are designed for installation into areas with standard 36” doors so they are easy to install and can be moved without having to knock down walls.

“CryoXcel is proud to partner with such an outstanding organization as Apollo Med Innovations” said John Mann, CEO, CryoXcel, “Their commitment to innovation, best practices and world-class education drew us to this partnership and the synergies between the companies have become apparent in a short period of time. Our corporate objectives are aligned and their management and sales staff are dedicated to advancing CryoXcel technology and education to the broadest customer audience possible. We look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.”

About Apollo Med Innovations
Apollo Med Innovations, LLC is a leading distributor of cutting edge aesthetic products to the Med Spa and aesthetic industries. Apollo Med’s product suite includes micro-needling devices and supplies, Miracu PDO threads, diode and multi-platform lasers, cryotherapy devices and a full line of Secretly Ageless branded cosmeceuticals. Apollo Med is also dedicated to superior service and customer education through its master training series led by its esteemed Doctor Advisory Council. Apollo Med is committed to providing its customers the latest in high quality aesthetic products at a reasonable cost providing its partners with exceptional return on investment. For more information on Apollo Med Innovations, visit our website at www.apollomedinnovations.com.

About CryoXcel, LLC.
CryoXcel, LLC manufactures cold therapy products for organizations dedicated to helping individuals rejuvenate and recover. The combination of our innovative product features along with being engineered and manufactured in the USA creates a differentiated brand in the marketplace. Our unique partnerships and world-class advisory board will help us in our quest to offer product solutions that fit the ever-changing demands of our customers. CryoXcel is committed to building long-lasting cold therapy products that are safe and reliable. For more information on CryoXcel, visit our website at www.cryoxcel.com.

For more information contact:
Name: Randy Wright
Phone: 844.698.4782
Email: randy@apollomedinnovations.com

Name: Dennis Stoutenburgh
Phone: 214.613.0417
Email: dennis@socialstrategy1.com

Name: Jason Mann
Phone: 205.422.4991
Email: jason@cryoxcel.com

Dennis Stoutenburgh
Apollo Med Innovations, Inc.
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Medicare on Video demystifies home care coverage and long term care with True Freedom premier plans.

Medicare Supplement Quotes

Keith Armbrecht

Online Medicare Resource Center

Long-term home healthcare is the preferred option for many seniors. True Freedom is all about you and those comforts you want most.

With a field issue contract, no underwriting, no forms, no deductibles, no copays and no age limits or previous hospitalization, additional coverage for seniors has never been this convenient.”

— Keith Armbrecht (Founder Medicare On Video)

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — No one knows how to break the ice and get people talking about an uncomfortable topic such as senior care at home than Keith Ambrecht. No one really wants to think about the dynamics of senior care at home such as professional nursing, personal care and health care aide for when they might become homebound. Just the same, old age is coming and it’s a blessing to those who have a well thought out plan and doom for those who have none. For those in the planning phase, Medicare on Video will prove to be the holy grail of adequate, candid and digestible information and news on Medicare available online.

True Freedom is comprehensive new senior home care membership program from the American Senior Services Inc. which is a whole new way of looking at home care services and a better option compared to traditional home care service providers. True Freedom offers members full benefits with no underwriting whatsoever, no age limits and no questions asked. While this is not an insurance policy to take out it actually goes along well with long term care insurance providing additional cushion.

“On my journeys I have met people and I have been introduced to services, and there are some services out there that have not gotten the attention they deserve. Specifically, I would like to bring your attention to a product called True Freedom…. I have first-hand knowledge of this product. ASSI have been in business since two thousand and eight and they are a viable alternative to traditional homecare services,” says Dr. Marion Somers a renowned Elder Care Expert.
Traditionally, obtaining additional cover for the elderly persons has been the spelling of a nightmare for primary caregivers while that doesn’t seem to stop the doctor from prescribing even more specialized care and treatment. Senior care at home has been obscenely expensive and with fewer benefits than its alternatives. Inflation has not helped with the value of benefits dwindling as living expenses skyrocket. Age limits and restrictions such as impossible to meet qualification requirements have all made such contracts null and void.

As for Medicare, it only covers most of the basics and part of specialized health care needs prescribed to most seniors and exactly none of the ones that we all eventually need. Meals, personal care and homemaker service are all the things that we need happening in our homes to lead happier lives at a ripe old age. These “gaps” in Medicare coverage are best filled with supplementary coverage as that which a True Freedom membership provides. No one wants to imagine themselves not being in a position to toilet, clothe and wash themselves but it is a harsh reality we have to brace for. Being ready means not being a burden or bother to those we love and having an easier time adjusting.

Looking at the current requirements for qualifications for Medicare basic home care it is pretty obvious that it is neither easy to obtain, nor comprehensive cover. Given all the restrictions and how much your getting enrolled depends on being completely incapacitated, it is hard to visualize how basic insurance can contribute to happiness and fulfilment at old age. Not to mention the tons of paperwork that is involved in getting Medicare to pay for benefits seniors enjoy.

The official Medicare website issues a note to its readers that the doctors may prescribe some additional care that is not covered and that this might have to be out of pocket. They clearly forget to mention the personal care bit which might not be prescribed by a doctor but one that seniors cannot live happily without.

Home health care coverage and long term elder care is something we all need to think about. Eventually, most of us will need some extra coverage that may not be included in basic traditional coverage. People already in their sixties and seventies or coming of that age need a suitable guide to navigate the various hoops of Medicare and for most people, nothing works better than a visual aid. Medicare no video has been an invaluable resource for most seniors providing the most recent information for better choices on Medicare supplementary coverage.

Among the key benefits of choosing True Freedom is that users get to save money on premium coverage and also in the way of discount rewards. That’s five percent off for annual payments alone and ten percent if you pay as a couple. Couples paying annually will get a staggering fifteen percent discount on their premium which is pretty generous a reward. Additionally, members get a 10% discount on premiums for every successive year that they do not use their cover for up to four years and a total discount of 40%.

True Freedom subscribers will now enjoy freedom from inflation since the hours purchased can be utilized years down the line and they will still be worth one hour as time is constant. There are platinum, gold, silver and bronze plans ranging between 1500 hours and 10000 hours. So what happens when you run through your entire first 1000 hours of a platinum plan? Well, there is a 90 day window in between then your hours rejuvenate and suddenly you have yet another 1000 hours of service and care to enjoy.

Just thinking about the obstacles to health and happiness that lie ahead due to old age can be nerve wrecking. That goes a long way to explain why most adults do not have supplementary coverage for elder care even though statically three out of every four adults will need home care due to illness or incapacitation related to old age. At this point, it is possible to feel rejected as no insurer wants to underwrite and relying on family members is being a burden to society. And while senior care can run obscenely expensive, True Freedom provides one of the best alternatives to traditional health insurance and supplementary coverage available on the market today.

Keith Armbrecht
Medicare on Video
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Medicare Home Healthcare Long Term Care – Home Healthcare For Long Term Patients

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Arecont Vision Costar Expands US Southeast Coverage with COM-TECH Systems, Inc.

Arecont Vision Costar Welcomes COM-TECH Systems, Inc.

Arecont Vision Costar Total Video Solution

Arecont Vision Costar Total Video Solution Components

Its a whole new Arecont Vision Costar

Manufacturer’s Representative to Provide Support for Arecont Vision Costar in US Southeast Region

Costar Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:CTSI)

We sought a strong manufacturing partner in the video surveillance market, and found just that in Arecont Vision Costar, a company that manufactures the majority of its products here in the USA”

— Clint Webster, President, COM-TECH Systems, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arecont Vision Costar, the leader in network-based video surveillance solutions, announces that COM-TECH Systems, Inc. has joined as a new Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative for the US Southeast region.

“Clint and his experienced team will add immense benefit to our customers and partners in the Southeast,” said Kyle Parker, Vice President, Americas Sales. “COM-TECH will bring key sales resources to assist John Bujarski’s regional team in spreading the good word about the new Arecont Vision Costar, and our expanded product and services portfolio.”

COM-TECH Systems, Inc. is proven throughout the Carolinas in the sale of structured cabling, data center and audio/visual products, and security technology. It supports customers through three regions, those being Charlotte/Western North Carolina, Raleigh/Eastern North Carolina, and South Carolina. Arecont Vision Costar will be the company’s lead video surveillance offering through this partnership.

“We sought a strong manufacturing partner in the video surveillance market, and found just that in Arecont Vision Costar, a company that manufactures the majority of its products here in the USA,” stated Clint Webster, President, COM-TECH Systems, Inc. “We look forward to working with the regional sales team to provide better customer service and support to systems integrators, security dealers, and consultants across the region.”

“We are pleased that we were able to engage with a proven manufacturer’s representative firm for the region,” stated John Bujarski, Senior Sales Director, Eastern US and Canada. “COM-TECH Systems, Inc. will make a big difference to our end user customers, integrators, and other security professionals across the Carolinas with increased sales support and project assistance.”

COM-TECH Systems, Inc. is online at comtechsystemsinc.net and can be reached at +1.704.256.5813. Visit Arecont Vision Costar online at www.arecontvision.com to learn more, or to find local sales contacts around the world at www.arecontvision.com/where-to-buy.php.

# # #

Arecont Vision Costar, LLC, a Costar Technologies, Inc. company (OTC Markets Group: CSTI), is the leading US-based manufacturer of high-performance IP cameras and video surveillance solutions. The company offers two complete megapixel camera families – the MegaIP™ series includes Made in USA, cyber-secure MicroBullet®, MicroDome®, MegaBall®, MegaDome®, MegaVideo®, MegaView®, and SurroundVideo® models, plus the world-class ConteraIP™ series dome and bullet models. Both camera families offer single- and multi-sensor choices that are integrated with the ConteraVMS™ (video management system), ConteraWS™ (web services), and the ConteraCMR™ (cloud-managed video recorder) series for traditional or cloud-based video surveillance solutions as part of the Total Video Solution.

Arecont Vision Costar supports integration with leading 3rd party products through the Arecont Vision MegaLab™ and via ONVIF compliance.

You should not place undue reliance on any forward-looking statements contained in this press release. The Company assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, changes in assumptions, or changes in other factors affecting forward-looking information, except to the extent required by applicable laws.


Jeff Whitney / VP Marketing / Arecont Vision Costar
Phone: +1.818.937.0477
E-mail: jwhitney@arecontvision.com
Web: https://www.arecontvision.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arecont-vision
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arecontvision
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arecontvision
Blog: https://blog.arecontvision.com

Jeff N Whitney
Arecont Vision Costar
+1 818-937-0477
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Tosk Announces Clinical Study Results for TK-90 to Prevent Mucositis

Drug developer Tosk, Inc.,

Tosk drug TK-90 successful in preventing painful, dose-limiting mucositis caused by common cancer therapies.

Side effects suffered by cancer patients not only reduce their quality of life but can force physicians to limit cancer treatment. Also, side effects are often expensive to treat.”

— Brian Frenzel, CEO, Tosk, Inc.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Privately held biotechnology company, Tosk, Inc., announced today the successful completion of the Company’s human clinical study testing the safety and efficacy of its patented drug, TK-90, to prevent the painful and dose-limiting mucositis caused by widely used cancer therapies.

TK-90 was administered to 25 head and neck cancer patients receiving methotrexate to determine the optimal dose of treatment as well as to confirm safety. TK-90 proved effective in preventing virtually all of patients’ mucositis at the two higher doses tested. No TK-90 related side effects were observed in any patient group. A follow-up study is planned to confirm these results using the optimal dose and will be completed within the first half of 2019.
“Tosk’s mission is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients worldwide by providing them with highly effective, inexpensive drugs that eliminate toxic side effects and make certain drugs effective in patients that do not currently benefit from treatment,” Tosk’s CEO, Brian Frenzel, said. “Though side effect reduction is one of the 10 areas of emphasis in the U.S. government’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, it tends to be under appreciated. Side effects suffered by cancer patients not only reduce their quality of life but can force physicians to limit cancer treatment. Also, side effects are often expensive to treat, increasing the cost of care. Some cancer therapy side effects are permanent and reduce lifespan, even if the cancer is in remission. Our team at Tosk is dedicated to addressing these important, unmet medical needs.”

Tosk has two other promising side-effect-reducing drugs in the pipeline. TK-39 is a patented drug that blocks the cardiotoxicity caused by a class of widely-used cancer drugs known as the anthracyclines. These drugs are used to treat breast, bladder, and lung cancers, as well as lymphomas and leukemias. The damage to heart tissue from these drugs is permanent and limits the lifetime dosage of an otherwise effective cancer treatment. Tosk’s other side-effect-reducing drug, TK-88, is designed to block adverse effects caused by widely used platinum-based drugs, such as cisplatin and carboplatin. These side effects can include loss of kidney function, peripheral neuropathy, and hearing loss.

“The results of the TK-90 clinical study fully met our expectations,” said Frenzel. “The company has initiated a partner search to identify companies that would be a good fit for TK-90. We plan to grow and add other products to our pipeline using our proprietary discovery technologies, but we’ll let others take our drugs to market. These could include big pharma, specialty pharma, and supportive care oncology companies.”

About Tosk, Inc.

Tosk’s mission is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by discovering and developing new drugs that selectively block the adverse side effects of cancer therapies and make certain drugs effective in patients that currently do not benefit from treatment. Tosk uses proprietary drug screening methods using the common fruit fly to discover new drugs that might not be found using more conventional methods.

Brian Frenzel
Tosk, Inc.
408 245-6838
email us here

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ITFirms Tossed Gauntlet for Top Web Development Companies Over Again

IT Firms - A Leading Research Provider

Business Growth

Turning plowshares into swords, ITFirms latest listing makes the pressure loom for top contenders in web development.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every entrepreneur/small business has to face certain circumstances and a unique set of factors that determine its fate and success in the long run. Going with the process, owners have to stick together and study the factors that make their competitors move ahead and work in parallel. It is the fire in the belly of the ambitious owners that acts as a rocket fuel and always keeps them on move, never lets them settle for average. Major web development companies expect to be called upon to make very big, strategic choices going forward.

Listings keep moving even if it seems to be static for quite a while. Here is a list of top web development companies that ITFirms has listed on its website www.itfirms.co. This list has been carefully curated based on a company's past performance and tracks records. They also consider the company's communication with their clients, any mitigation that follows, adeptness with latest technologies, reliability, and quality of professional services.

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Y Media Labs
3. Intellectsoft
4. Blue Fountain Media
5. Iflexion
6. WillowTree
7. iTechArt
8. MLSDev
9. Followbright
10. Dom & Tom

For the full list of Top Web Development Companies, visit here – https://www.itfirms.co/top-web-development-companies/

About ITFirms

ITFirms.co is a platform that allows organizations to select the most dependable information technology partners for their app and web development needs. It has been following a multi-level approach to filtering the best app and web development companies. They have been capturing the best talent in the industry and have been offering the most accurate relative positioning to track the status of the business and allow subsequent results to the users.

Ryan Miller
IT Firms
+1 323-977-8082
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Palm Beach Area Plastic Surgeon Mark Pinsky is a World Leader in Aesthetic Procedures

Mark Pinsky

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Known internationally for his lectures on aesthetics and his unparalleled patient results, Dr. Mark Pinsky is recognized as a world leader in plastic surgery. This claim is backed up by decades of research and practice as well as distinctions from top publications and respected boards of medicine.

Dr. Mark Pinsky has transformed the lives of his patients in the Palm Beach area for years, helping them to achieve lasting results through surgical and non-surgical procedures for their face and body. His offerings set him apart from the local competition, but he is recognized internationally as a driving force behind the regulation and enhancement of the aesthetics industry as a whole.

He graduated med school from Ohio State University and performed his general surgery residency with the University of Texas, Health Sciences of Houston. It was also with the University of Texas that he performed his plastic surgery residency and proved excellence in the aesthetics field. He was later certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and began meeting patient goals through various aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Mark A Pinsky has earned many distinctions that have helped him build one of the most successful practices in the entire country. He was voted the Best Plastic Surgeon in Palm Beach County and named one of Castle Connolly’s America’s Top Doctors. Beyond his local reach, readers may recognize his work in popular publications like Allure, New Beauty, Prevention, and In Touch magazine where he’s often profiled for his unique results. Dr. Pinsky has also appeared in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal where he shared his knowledge on advancing techniques in breast lifts.

His international fame is in thanks to his many guest lectures, appearing to speak throughout North America, China, and South Korea. Dr. Mark Pinsky is regularly invited to showcase work on nationally syndicated radio and TV stations and to share his expertise and opinions on the latest advances in plastic surgery with his peers. In this way, he not only teaches audiences about various procedures, but he also coaches his peers to adopt the most sophisticated practices and procedures available today.

Dr. Mark Pinsky has built an especially significant reputation for his outstanding work in the field of breast surgery. Not only a talented surgeon in the field, Dr. Pinsky is also a regular participant in revolutionary clinical studies focusing on various implants. His experience led to his appointment as an Investigator for the FDA clinical study of the Style 410 (gummy bear) implant. He is also one of only ten surgeons selected in the entire country to serve on Allergan’s Executive Council for Breast Aesthetics.

Dr. Mark Pinsky’s medical school distinctions, board certifications, and technical expertise set him far apart from the competition, but it’s his dedication to patient satisfaction that led his practice to success and acclaim far beyond the Palm Beach area.

Chris Hinman
Web Presence, LLC
+1 757-880-3579
email us here

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Dov Bechhofer on the FDA’s Announcement to Explore New Digital Health Avenues

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, December 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dov Bechhofer is a computer engineer exploring how technology shapes our present and what technological advancements we can expect in the future. Recently, the FDA Commissioner announced the administration would increase its focus on digital services moving forward, which means new potentials for doctors and patients alike.

In order for doctors to unveil new treatments and for patients to have a richer variety of procedural options, they have to first be evaluated for safety by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Patients and doctors are dependent on the administration’s approval, so it’s refreshing to hear that the FDA is taking steps towards digital health contributions that will provide more sophisticated and state-of-the-art services.

Computer Engineer Dov Bechhofer keeps a close eye on emerging tech and he’s confident that the FDA’s decision to explore more digital health resources is something that can and will benefit everyone.

“We live in the future,” Dov Bechhofer says. “We have smart cars, smartphones, smart homes, and now smart cities on the rise. Smart hospitals were bound to come down the line.”

Advances in medical technology and treatments bring faster, more effective results to patients. Digital health also encompasses communication between doctors and patients, and can help to prioritize care for optimal service. Better tracking of patient conditions will make diagnosing and treating ailments easier and will require less dedicated time from busy physicians.

Soon, prescriptions may be filled through a smartphone app instead of patients having to go into a clinic to get checked out. Patients and consumers will be able to use digital health to better manage and track their health far more accurately than they can currently with wearable tech like Fitbits and iWatches.

Apart from that, the FDA is looking into advancements that will hopefully reduce inefficiencies, improve access, enhance quality, reduce costs, and make medicine and treatments more personalized for patients. Current devices will be updated to add digital features and new systems of categorization and storing medical data will be implemented.

“There’s a lot of money going into tech development,” says Dov Bechhofer. “Our devices are updating faster than ever with new capabilities and faster, more complex forms of data transfer unrolled each year. The medical industry can take advantage of this.”

The FDA will advance digital health through an official Digital Health Program that seeks to “better protect and promote public health and provide continued regulatory clarity.” It aims to accomplish this by encouraging collaborations and improving outreach to digital health customers. In addition, they will develop and implement regulatory strategies and policies for new digital health technologies.

The subject of digital health gains momentum as corporations and some of the world’s largest developers create new paths to the market. Some of the topics currently under discussion are wireless medical devices, mobile medical apps, telemedicine, new data systems, cybersecurity and more. With tech focus moving to more advanced machines and powerful systems, the FDA’s actions will be instrumental to the limits and potential of the future’s digital health.

Chris Hinman
Web Presence, LLC
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Dr. David Anthony Miranda explores plans for series of new medical schools in state of Texas

Physician Dr. David Anthony Miranda looks at plans for new medical schools at the University of Houston and throughout Texas.

WEST LAKE HILLS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a series of developments continue to move from early planning through to final approval, construction has already begun on a number of new medical schools and teaching facilities in the state of Texas, Dr. David Anthony Miranda reveals. Plans to establish a medical school at the University of Houston have recently been approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, with the facility due to open its doors in mid-late 2020, according to the physician.

"The University of Houston College of Medicine," Dr. Miranda explains, "plans to focus predominantly on training primary care physicians so that they may practice in medically under served communities."

According to the doctor, the Association of American Medical Colleges has ranked Texas 47th out of the 50 U.S. states regarding adequate physician coverage, with primary care physician roles in the state often challenging to fill, particularly in more rural settings which lack specialty medical backup.

An expert in the field and now based in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Miranda has spent three decades driven by a passion for caring for medically under served, predominantly rural populations, traveling tens of thousands of miles across the United States in the process of caring for those in need.

"The University of Houston College of Medicine has received an endorsement from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board affording them an indication that they're right on schedule," explains Dr. Miranda of the university's efforts to begin teaching medical students by the end of 2020, having already raised over $35 million in funds through private philanthropy for the medical college. The total project cost is currently expected to reach in excess of $450 million.

Alongside the University of Houston, and further slated to be operational by late 2020, Sam Houston State University, too, also plans to have established its own medical school within two years, according to Dr. Miranda. Already, he goes on to point out, the new Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin is open, as is the new University of Texas Rio Grande School of Medicine in Edinburg, in addition to the new University of the Incarnate School of Osteopathic Medicine in San Antonio.

"Already well beyond planning and approval, there's also the Texas Christian University," adds Dr. Miranda, wrapping up, "and the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth which have joined forces, each intending to begin teaching medicine in 2019."

Dr. David Anthony Miranda is a partner of Fit-Life MD, a physician-owned medical wellness and fitness clinic in San Antonio, Texas. The mission of Fit-Life MD is to improve the overall health and wellness of patients through individually designed and personalized treatment plans tailored toward general health and physical well-being. Dr. Miranda's personal interests include investing in the stock market, especially publicly-traded healthcare stocks, as well as music, theater, and film.

Chris Hinman
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Web Presence, LLC
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Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Microphone Allows Clinicians to Transcribe Anywhere in Complete Privacy

Industry best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone

Accurately document patient information without being overheard by others while additionally eliminating all background noise.

Stenomask is an effective tool that eliminates background noise in our busy workplace while simultaneously providing voice privacy when using speech recognition for clinical documentation.”

— K. Somner, B.C. Ministry of Health

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, December 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Voice technology in healthcare is not yet the ubiquitous application that we believe it will soon become. The major concerns are patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, potentially leaving confidential information unprotected and the challenge of clear voice communication in a noisy and busy clinical setting, particularly when complex medical vocabulary is required.

Many physicians use voice technology for clinical decision support and documentation in their office or home however they are much less inclined to do so in the presence of their patients.
There is a practical and affordable solution to this problem.

Talk Technologies engineers and manufactures specialized microphones (stenomasks) that allow clinicians to use speech recognition and verbally communicate in public without anyone overhearing them. Our voice isolating technology enables private transcription and verbal communication while simultaneously eliminating all background noise.

Stenomask functions like a sound-booth only in pocket sized form, guaranteeing clear voice communications in loud and busy clinical settings. Your documentation can now be captured anywhere in complete privacy.


Complies with HIPAA privacy and security rules
Decreases potential security risks and protects the privacy of individuals’ health information
Lightweight, affordable and road worthy durability
Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon medical
No start up time or learning curve, simply plug in and go
Doctors that use clinical speech recognition are 23% happier
They feel more confident about technology and have a better experience
They move freely, spend more time with patients and can go home on time

Privately transcribing anywhere is an antidote to burnout. It helps doctors feel better about documentation, more satisfied and freer to practice as they see fit.

For more information please email dwebb@talktech.com or visit our website talktech.com

D Webb
Talk Technologies
888 811 9944
email us here
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Stenomask SR Pro-1- silently transcribing with Dragon 15

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Pfizer’s vice president and Head of Early Clinical Development presents at the 11th Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials

SMi Group’s next annual Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials conference is thrilled to welcome Sandeep Menon, Pfizer Inc.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — SMi Group’s next annual Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials conference is thrilled to welcome Sandeep Menon, Vice President and Head of Early Clinical Development at Pfizer Inc. onto the speaker panel for 2019.

He is currently leading a multi- functional global team which includes Biostatisticians, Clinical Pharmacologists, Clinicians, Precision Medicine Scientists and Digital Medicine Scientists. Sandeep has extensive experience in late phase studies and with regulatory interactions especially with the FDA (US Agency), EMA (European Agency) and PMDA (Japan Agency). He is internationally known for his technical expertise especially in the area of adaptive designs, personalized medicine, multi-regional trials, and small populations and has participated in the core review of draft version of the regulatory guidance documents.

A key topic focus in Sandeep’s presentation is statistical and design considerations in personalised medicine. He will be discussing Identifying genetic, genomic and clinical characteristics to predict patient susceptibility. Biomarkers and the challenges in their use for diagnostics and looking into selecting appropriate designs to determine biomarker performance, reliability and regulatory acceptance.

Additionally, the vice president will explore case studies for biomarker driven trials.

For those looking to attend there is currently a £200 early-bird saving.

Further information is available at: www.adaptivedesigns.co.uk/einpr2

SMi Presents the 11th Annual Conference on…
Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials
Date: 1-2 April 2019
Location: London, UK
Website: www.adaptivedesigns.co.uk/einpr2


Contact Information:

For all media inquiries contact Jinna Sidhu on Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 6088 / Email: hsidhu@smi-online.co.uk

About SMi Group:

Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world's most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

Jinna Sidhu
SMi Group
+1 2078276088
email us here

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