DONY offers the best 3-Layer Fabric Masks For B2B US Market: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Ohio, Georgia

DONY MASK - premium antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK – premium antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK - premium Covid antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

DONY MASK – premium Covid antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

Dony’s masks are the best 3-ply cloth face and they’re on sale on the B2B USA market right now.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE. And we are expanding distribution in the US market: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois”

— Henry Pham, CEO of Dony Garment

HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM, January 22, 2021 / — Dony is an international garment company producing clothes and uniforms whose merchandise has a spot in multiple shops across the globe. And good news, Dony is manufacturing the best 3ply cloth face masks — and they’re on sale right now.

How many kinds of masks does Dony manufacture?
The only kind of mask Dony manufactures is the 3-ply cloth mask. This product is promised to be the best 3-ply fabric face mask on the market.

Why do we have to use Dony’s fabric face mask instead of a medical one?
People usually use medical face masks since it's well-qualified and convenient. But one thing about that kind of mask is it can't be reused. And in this situation where wearing a mask has become mandatory, putting on a new one every single day will simply lead to not only a huge amount of trash being thrown away but also lots of money you have to pay. But in the case of Dony, fabric ones can be reused which means you can save money as well as the environment

Dony’s masks are 3-ply, so what are their functions?
There are 3 layers in a Dony’s mask but it’s definitely not like you take 3 pieces of fabric and put them together. Those layers are the result of high technology to protect your health perfectly:
– Outer layer: Features strong water resistance (completely resisting water, preventing droplets from clinging to the masks, limited viral infection).
– The middle layer: Filter out dust and other agents (flower dust, fur, etc.). This layer has 3 sublayers that even after being washed, it still works effectively.
– Inner layer: The last barrier with powerful antibacterial properties can prevent the development of bacteria from your saliva. This layer also directly touches your skin, so it’s super soft that makes you feel comfortable while wearing.

How about the quality of the Dony manufacturer?
Firstly, the products meet the specifications according to Decision 870 / QD-BYT of the Ministry of Health.
Secondly, they’re packed in medical packaging and are sterilized with E.O gas Technology used for Medical Supplies and reach to the consumers right after this step, which means no people could touch them before you.
Finally, Dony’s masks have a special design that could fit your face but still let you feel comfortable enough to communicate

For extra information, you can watch Dony’s masks introduction:

How many masks Dony can produce? Is it enough for people in this critical period?
Being an export factory and a reliable supplier, Dony can produce 100.000 to 275.000 pieces at most per day, they can meet the demands of people all over the world. You can buy some masks for your own, or your whole family, or if you are an owner and want to buy a lot of Dony’s masks for your staff, the company can supply them on time.

Are Dony’s masks exported?
By meeting the most stringent standards of exporting worldwide, a huge amount of masks made by Dony manufacturer has been imported all over the world with the wholesale of more than 10 million masks.

This company has reached the market of many developed countries like Japan, China, Korea in Asia and Italia, Germany, France in Europe, also in America.

Besides exporting face masks to foreign regions, Dony also donates a large number of medical supplies for other places where the pandemic is getting worse. They are the only brand that is approved to provide fabric masks for The USA in difficult circumstances. That means when buying a Dony’s mask, you not only protect yourself and others but also give people a chance to use good quality products and contribute to the donation for better human-beings.

Are there any certifications about Dony company to make sure the masks are well-qualified?

Dony manufacturer has a lot of quality certifications, here are some of them:
+ FDA Certificate for safety criteria for permission to export to the US market.
+ C.E Certificate for safety criteria to gain allowance to European market export.
+ TUV Reach Certificate for toxic chemical-free materials and safety for long time use.
+ Intertek Certificate: 100% waterproof (this is a maximum level), UV resistance at 99.95% (Equivalent to high-class sun cream), more than 99.9% antibacterial even after 60 washes.
+ Certification for Free Export
+ DGA certification: Prove that Dony Mask respirator against NCovid virus up to 99% and after 30 washings is 96% resistant. This certificate was issued by the French Ministry of Defense.

Based on the certifications above, you can be aware of quality assurance from Dony’s products. Besides, it's impossible for an unsafe mask to go through the gate of the USA or Europe, and yet, a Dony’s mask is accepted to be free exported. In short, this mask is really a thing you can rely on for a long time use without losing its function and quality.

What happens if the products don’t meet the standard?
Guarantee from Dony company:
Just like “a clean hand wants no washing”, Dony manufacturer guarantees that their products are completely pasteurized, thus they will take all responsibility if the infection happens.
They also promise to deliver products on time with high quality as standard, and you will be returned 100% if any mistakes are found.

The company is supplying face mask globally by wholesale, bulk, and branded (Custom Logo / Label / OEM – ODM)
The Dony Mask is available in a variety of colors and for bulk orders. It has 3-layers of protection that are well-thought-out in design and comfort. These layers filter out dust, germs, and bacteria. The Dony Mask designs are also unisex.

Additionally, Dony provides distribution for B2B purposes and even exclusive partnerships. The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders, and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels. Businesses can either use the branding opportunities for use from their employees or to create merchandise for their customers or fans to buy.

Henry Pham
Dony Garment
+84 985310123

DONY MASK: The Covid-19 Mask – Premium Cloth Face Mask Manufacturer (washable/reusable, FDA/CE/DGA)

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Hope for Stomach Cancer and Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation have joined to provide a monthly support for stage 4

Hope for Stomach Cancer logo

Hope for Stomach Cancer and the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation have organized a monthly support meeting for stage 4 patients & caregivers

These two cancers are closely related. So when Bart decided to include stomach cancer patients and caretakers in his meetings, we were honored to participate in his events.”

— Aki Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Hope for Stomach Cancer is working with the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF), both the nation’s leading nonprofits dealing with these cancers, to provide a monthly online support meeting for patients and caregivers dealing with these devastating illnesses. The meetings, which take place via Zoom, are moderated by Bart Frazzitta, the Founder of Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation and a 20-year esophageal cancer survivor. Each meeting includes a different GI oncologist. The meetings are free, but registration is required. Interested parties can register at

“These two cancers are closely related,” said Hope for Stomach Cancer’s Director Aki Smith. “So when Bart decided to include stomach cancer patients and caretakers in his meetings, we were honored to participate in his events. The meetings are compassionate, informative, and uplifting. Especially in this time of social distancing, this is a great opportunity to talk to and listen to people who understand what you’re going through.”

Designed for patients who have been diagnosed as Stage IV or have had a recurrence, these monthly meetings are a unique opportunity to hear about the latest treatments, discuss new ideas, and support each other through a trying time.

The meetings will take place on the following dates in 2021: Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22, Apr 26, May 24, Jun 21, Jul 26, Aug 30, Sep 20, Oct 25, Nov 22, and Dec 20. All meetings will take place online via Zoom at 5 pm PST/8pm EST. The public can register at
More information on the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF), Bart Frazzitta, and the meetings is available at

“Bart is an inspiration,” Smith said. “Knowledgeable, caring, and willing to share his experience, he’s the ideal guide for anyone going through Stage IV of either esophageal or stomach cancer. His guests, all gastrointestinal oncologists, bring their knowledge and understanding of the latest treatments with them. Each meeting is a life-affirming, informative event.”

Hope for Stomach Cancer is a 501(c)(3) that provides resources to patients, caregivers and loved ones while promoting early detection and prevention to the general and medical communities. Hope creates and facilitates programs that enable those affected by stomach cancer to take actionable steps to live the best possible life through each phase of the disease.

Aki Smith
Hope For Stomach Cancer
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Nastel Awarded Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Select Tier Partner Status

PLAINVIEW, NY, USA, January 21, 2021 / — Nastel Technologies announced today that it has been awarded Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Select Tier partner status. Using AWS, Nastel is able to accelerate its efforts to help customers take advantage of innovative cloud technology.

Nastel XRay helps companies perform efficiently in the cloud and the achievement of the Select Tier helps further the goal of delivering end to end middleware monitoring and business transaction tracking to some of the world's leading companies, and collaborating with AWS helps to bring new and improved product offerings and capabilities for its end customers.

Nastel Cloud Services Director Sam Garforth says, “All of our customers are migrating to hybrid cloud and we've been helping them get there. Many already run our software on AWS and this new status helps us provide the support they need. Last quarter we released Navigator for Red Hat OpenShift. This is the next step, and I'm very excited about the other cloud, DevOps and automation solutions that we have coming over the next few months.”

Nastel delivers Middleware Management, Monitoring, Tracking and Analytics to detect anomalies, accelerate decisions, and enable customers to constantly innovate, to answer business-centric questions and provide actionable guidance for decision-makers.

Reaching Select Tier partner status lays the foundation for Nastel to transform how current and future clients achieve their goals.

About Nastel:
Nastel Technologies helps companies achieve flawless delivery of digital services powered by middleware. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Plainview, NY, Nastel is privately held and profitable since inception, with offices in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany and Mexico, and a network of partners throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. Nastel solutions includes AutoPilot for proactive real-time monitoring, XRay for end-to-end transaction tracking and analytics, and Navigator for multi-middleware management.

Laura Boccardo
Nastel Technologies
+1 516-801-2100
email us here

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AOAC INTERNATIONAL Certifies Two Additional Test Kits for Detecting Novel Coronavirus on Surfaces


Certification program validates accuracy claims of test kits sold for use in situations when maintaining surfaces free of coronavirus is a public health concern

ROCKVILLE, MD, US, January 21, 2021 / — AOAC INTERNATIONAL announced today that it has issued certificates of validation for two proprietary test kits that detect SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19 illness, on stainless steel surfaces.

The two tests join three previously certified tests that have passed the rigorous independent evaluation required by the globally recognized AOAC Research Institute’s Performance Tested MethodsSM Program, which implemented an Emergency Response Validation process to accelerate the evaluations.

While SARS-CoV-2 is known to be susceptible to standard disinfection methods(1), recent studies have shown that it can also be highly persistent on non-porous surfaces(2) such as stainless steel.

AOAC received validation applications for nine test kits, five of which earned certification, including the two kits announced today. All were evaluated for detection of the virus on stainless steel surfaces; AOAC will expand validation to a broader range of environmental surfaces and food matrices in a follow-up project.

In this latest round, certifications were issued for test kits from Eurofins GeneScan Technologies and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Eurofins GeneScan Technologies describes their VIRSeek SARS-CoV-2 Solution ( as a comprehensive workflow for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 on environmental surfaces that includes swabbing of environmental surfaces, RNA extraction, analysis by Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and evaluation by an advanced algorithm. Within the VIRSeek SARS-CoV-2 workflow, the efficient removal of the virus from the swab and automated isolation of high-quality RNA is guaranteed by the VIRSeek RNAExtractor. Following RNA extraction, the lysates are analysed with the VIRSeek SARS-CoV-2 Mplex real-time RT-PCR kit. The kit is highly specific for two regions, N1 and N2, in the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid gene, ensuring reliable results with a two-target approach.

Eurofins notes that they are finding that the assay is effectively detecting all variants where published sequence information was analyzed. “To our best knowledge, none of the lately published mutations (UK, Denmark, Netherlands and South Africa) of SARS CoV-2 affect critical primer / probe binding regions of the VIRSeek SARS CoV-2 Mplex kit,” said Laura Bleichner, Team Lead Microbiology Kit Development.

The evaluation of results is facilitated by an advanced software algorithm which uses machine learning techniques for an automated and reliable analysis.

ThermoFisher Scientific describes their SARS-CoV-2 PCR Workflow ( for packaging and environmental surfaces as a complete end-to-end workflow, encompassing sampling, sample preparation, and detection. It can deliver results in as little as three hours, quickly providing customers with the information they need to manage any potential surface or packaging contamination risks.

The test, which has been validated for qualitative detection of the virus on stainless steel, includes three TaqMan RT-PCR assays, to target SARS-CoV-2 (ORF1ab, N-gene, S-gene) genes, and one positive control assay, targeting the Human RNase P RPPH1 gene offering both high specificity and sensitivity. Because of the multi-target design of this assay, overall test sensitivity should not be impacted by the new SARS-CoV-2 strain lineage – B.1.17 variant.

The ThermoFisher Scientific SARS-CoV-2 PCR Workflow is commercially available and in use on the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System or the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System. Both instruments are also suitable for the company’s complete portfolio of PCR tests for food pathogens and environmental samples, biothreat organisms, animal species identification and GMO testing.

To perform the reviews, the AOAC Research Institute assembled a team of six analytical science experts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the Technical Center of Qingdao customs in the People’s Republic of China; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory; and DNA Software, Inc.

This validation project broke new ground by employing in silico (“in silicon”) analytical techniques that harness modern computational power to compare results against large databases of genetic information. This has a significant advantage over traditional “wet-lab” testing in that genetic sequences from tens of thousands of strains of SARS-CoV-2 and near neighbors could be analyzed for inclusivity and exclusivity. Moreover, obtaining and shipping large numbers of SARS-CoV-2 strains and variants necessary for comparison could be difficult and potentially dangerous.

Danièle Sohier, Senior Manager, Global Scientific Affairs at ThermoFisher Scientific, noted that AOACRI certification brings more confidence to users and food safety authorities. “The value of the AOAC Emergency Response Validation program during these challenging times is significant, and AOAC’s work helps the food industry to better evaluate control measures against COVID-19 contaminations.”

For more information, contact Scott Coates, AOAC Research Institute Senior Director, at



AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized, 501(c)(3), independent, third party, not-for-profit association. AOAC is a voluntary consensus standards-developing organization founded in 1884. When analytical needs arise within a community or industry, AOAC INTERNATIONAL is the forum for finding appropriate science-based solutions through the development of microbiological and chemical standards. The AOAC Official Methods of Analysis database is used by food scientists around the world to facilitate public health and safety and to promote trade. For more information, please visit The AOAC Research Institute’s Performance Tested Methods program provides independent third-party expert review and certification for proprietary test kit performance. The AOAC Research Institute is a division of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

1. “Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions”, The Lancet Vol. 1 Issue 1, May 1, 2020, (accessed December 10, 2020)
2. “The effect of temperature on persistence of SARS-CoV-2 on common surfaces”, Virology Journal, 7 October 2020 (accessed December 10, 2020)

Marida Hines
+1 301-924-7077 ext. 121
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Community support may make biggest difference in men’s mental health

Men’s Health Network

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has created a wave of mental health issues in people who never had them before, and mental health authorities fear the worst is yet to come.

That’s on top of an already shocking crisis in suicide rates for men in the USA. Since approximately 2018, the greatest increase in suicides has occurred in males aged 25 to 45 and suicide is most prevalent in white males. Some 83 percent of suicide victims had no diagnosed mental health condition.

Job loss and financial stresses exacerbate many psychological problems including anxiety and OCD disorders, aggravate PTSD symptoms and many other mental health issues. Isolation worsens depression and feelings of failure. It’s important to understand that men manifest their mental health challenges differently than women do, to learn to recognize those differences as symptoms, and to use positive ways to assist men in crisis.

Maryanne J. Legato, MD, professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and founder and director of the Partnership for Women’s Health at Columbia University, believes that we don’t know how to read the signs for men as well as we do for women.

According to Legato, women are more likely to talk with friends, family and co-workers about their unhappiness, at least in the earlier stages of depression, then are men. Most women engage their peer networks for help early on by calling their friends, asking for advice, researching what medications might help them, and going to their health care professionals.

Yet, says Dr. Sal Giorgianni, Senior Science Advisor for Men’s Health Network, men tend to keep these difficult feelings to themselves and many begin to slowly retreat from their world. Or they exhibit changes in behavior, socialization or isolation and often reach a boiling point before they discuss their problems, he says.

Jed Diamond, MA, LCSW, PhD, has been providing clinical therapy for more than 40 years. He notes that some symptoms of male responses to mental health challenges are irritability; become unforgiving; become overtly or covertly hostile; loss of anger control; emotional blunting or numbness; and pushing others away. Just at the time that they need love the most, men with depression are at their most unloveable. Mental health problems resolve for men with these challenges when others treat them better.

The role of community involvement in behavioral health management of boys and men was examined in a conference of experts convened by Men’s Health Network and funded in part by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to continue the dialogue started at a similar meeting held in May 2019. The most recent conference expanded on two of the key panel recommendations from the earlier meeting to advance the care of boys and men: involvement of the community and the need for male-specific tools and approaches to identifying boys and men at risk for behavioral health issues and potential suicide.

The first line of identification, management and triage to help those with mental health issues or at the cusp of a crisis is most effective at the community level. Co-workers, educators, coaches, neighbors, friends and family – all have an important role to play.

At the community level, whether it’s in the workplace, an educational environment, civic or community volunteer organizations, men generally do not engage in health-related programs unless they are very specifically designed to capture their attention. So the solution doesn’t always lie in health fairs or other similar outreach efforts. Instead, one-on-one support for men in crisis may be more effective.

As workplace managers, supervisors and educators become more knowledgeable and engaged in the community to identify boys and men at risk of emotional issues, they should receive some level of training to recognize both behavioral and physical pointers to a potential problem. In addition, and perhaps more relevant to recognizing emotional stress, depression, anxiety or potential suicide at the community level, is understanding how males show signs of these conditions.

Peer-to-peer structures take advantage of a powerful technique of using “Trusted Messengers” to deliver important messages and to serve as role-models for individuals from within a community or sociocultural sector. Such trusted messengers help keep the focus on providing solutions and a sense of achievability, particularly for those who have had little to give them confidence in their ability to achieve control over a downwardly spiraling emotional situation.

The Hope Squad is a school-based peer-to-peer support program started in 1997 in Provo, UT, by Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall. Since its start at one school, Hope Squads are now in more than 950 schools across 30 states and Canada. More than 30,000 student squad members work to assist their peers.

The Hope Squad selects students who are trustworthy and caring, and who are then trained to watch for at-risk students, provide friendship, identify warning signs and seek help from adults. They are not trained as counselors, but to report their concerns to an adult.

Several national labor unions have instituted peer-to-peer support programs. These include the Sheet Metal Union for Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART Union), the International Union of Operating Engineers, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Others are also developing support programs and training their memberships on how to put them to use.

Faith communities can also provide opportunities for developing positive relationships with others and can be an important source of support during difficult times. Faith-based organizations perform many important functions, often have close ties to families and anchor communities. Counseling related to suicide fits with the general role of faith community leaders, but congregants can benefit from training in how to recognize signs of mental health issues.

Among the programs that are being used more and more broadly are those that look to train community members in techniques of what has come to be called “Emotional First-Aid” (EFA). It is a derivative of Psychological First-Aid (PFA) programs applied to non-mental health/non-medical persons in the community and workplace. The purpose of PFA, according to the American Psychological Association, is to assess the immediate concerns and needs of an individual, and not to provide on-site therapy.

Men's Health Network

Men's Health Network (MHN) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at Consider donating to MHN at

By Robin Mather
For Men’s Health Network

Brandon Ross
Men's Health Network
+1 202-543-6461

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The Need to Grieve: How Grief and Bereavement Care in the U.S. Needs to be Retooled

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network

NHPCO and SWHPN Applaud the COVID Memorial Ceremony that Gave America an Opportunity to Grieve as a Nation but Ongoing Support is Critical for National Healing

One of the most profound lasting effects from the coronavirus pandemic will be its impact on how we experience grief.”

— Edo Banach

ALEXANDRIA, VA, USA, January 21, 2021 / — The nation’s attention turned to healing on the evening of January 19, 2021 as the Biden administration hosted the Memorial and Nationwide Tribute to Remember and Honor the Lives Lost to COVID-19 at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) applaud this powerful event that allowed the nation to publicly grieve together. By lighting candles around the Reflecting Pool, this first-ever event highlighted the need to honor the memories of Americans who have died from COVID, and help their families and friends grieve these losses.

NHPCO and SWHPN offer insight regarding the way bereavement support in the U.S. can be made more accessible to those struggling with loss and grief and issue a call for organizations to join the list of organizations in support of a National Grief Strategy.

“One of the most profound lasting effects from the coronavirus pandemic will be its impact on how we experience grief,” said NHPCO President and CEO Edo Banach. “The significance of loss in our lives is something hospice and palliative care professionals know well.”

The magnitude of the losses feels even greater now during the pandemic for several reasons. For those who have lost a family member, friend, or colleague to COVID-19, in addition to grieving the actual death, there may also be the loss of not being able to be physically present during the dying process. Many people who know someone is dying have anticipatory grief. For others, there has been the loss of financial stability, or loss of the feeling of physical safety. People are missing the normalcy of human contact. Rituals and milestones like funerals, graduations, and weddings have been postponed or eliminated altogether. We are grieving the loss of the life we knew before the virus.

For frontline health care workers, these changes are compounded by some of the most challenging work of their lives. In addition to dealing with limited access to necessary medical and personal protective equipment, and vaccine access, health care workers are managing massive volumes of sick patients, many who are seriously ill, and are learning how to use technology that connects families to those that are isolated and dying, when they would typically be trying to offer a more human connection.

Saying goodbye to someone who is dying can be challenging and has been made measurably worse by the pandemic. Travel restrictions and facility lockdowns have forced people to remain physically separated. Comfort is now provided through facemasks or technology. COVID-19 has denied family members of those in intensive care, nursing homes, and other congregate care facilities the ability to sit at the bedside, stripping away these cherished final moments. Being present in this manner and completing rituals around death are important to the grieving process. Complicated grief and unresolved issues at death can cast a long shadow over those who survive.

“With over 400,000 dead in the United States alone from COVID-19, we are all grieving together, but we are grieving in a country that doesn’t often talk about death or grief,” said SWHPN Executive Director Jessica Strong. “It is time we change that, time we talk about and build a better understanding of grief, so we can all help each other through this difficult time.”

Grief literacy encompasses the idea that if individuals know more about what grief looks and feels like, we can support each other through the most difficult aspects of grief. By creating a culture of awareness and support around grief, Americans can help each other prevent many of the negative long-term health outcomes associated with grief that goes unaddressed.

Humans are inherently drawn to community. We are not meant to face difficult times alone; we need the support of others who understand. This is why hospices frequently offer bereavement support within their communities beyond people with family members who have received hospice care. We are well positioned to provide this kind of support as we move through this pandemic together. We can work together to create a National Grief Strategy, building compassionate communities that support each other.

Call for National Grief Strategy
Additionally, health care leaders and policy makers must engage in a national conversation toward addressing the new and compounded forms of grief that are emerging because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have an opportunity to address this crisis by mobilizing resources and education to assist people in navigating the grief that lies ahead, and in studying the effects of such a collective experience. Please add your name to the growing list of people and organizations that support a National Grief Strategy.

Edo Banach, JD is President and CEO of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) based in Alexandria, Virginia.
Jessica Strong is Executive Director of the Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Jon Radulovic
+1 571-412-3973
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Is It Safe to Reopen Schools? 20 Questions to Ask First

kids at school covid-19

covid-19 protective shield classroom office

Formaspace manufactures transparent dividers for use in schools. The Study Shield model above is available for a little as $32 each.

covid-19 protective shield transparent space divider

The Formaspace Invisishield is a transparent space divider available in glass or acrylic. The glass divider version can also serve as mobile dry erase board.

Find out what are the important questions we need to answer before reopening schools and going back to in-class learning.

It should be a national priority to get our kids back into school and keep them in school.”

— President Biden

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Parents are concerned.

Teachers are concerned.

Educators are concerned.

Public health authorities are concerned.

The question on everyone’s mind: when will it be safe to reopen schools again?

20 Questions To Answer To Reopen Schools Safely

Let’s look at the most recent information available to answer 20 of the most important questions facing parents, teachers, educators, and public health officials trying to decide when it’s safe to reopen schools.

1. President Biden Wants To Reopen Schools In 100 Days. What’s The Plan?

“It should be a national priority to get our kids back into school and keep them in school,” says President Biden. “If Congress provides the funding, we need to protect students, educators, and staff. If states and cities put strong public health measures in place that we all follow, then my team will work to see that the majority of our schools can be open by the end of my first 100 days.”

The incoming Biden administration has proposed a $400 billion pandemic response budget to increase vaccination rates and provide financial relief to schools, local governments, and small businesses. Here are some of the key proposed budget line items which affect (either directly or indirectly) the safe reopening of schools:

· $350 Billion Emergency Funding For State Local And Territorial Governments
Provides emergency aid to local governments hard-hit by tax revenue shortfalls to provide new funding sources for frontline workers, vaccine distribution, increase Covid testing, and costs associated with reopening schools.

· $130 Billion Fund To Help Schools Reopen
The plan provides for substantially increased school funding to modify school buildings for increased social distancing, reduced class sizes, personal protective equipment, and improved ventilation systems.

· Funding For 100,000 Public Health Workers To Manage Vaccine Outreach And Contact Tracing
Direct funding for 100,000 public health workers to established new vaccine outreach programs and enhanced contract tracing efforts, with particular emphasis placed on disadvantaged communities hard-hit by the pandemic.

· $50 Billion Expanded Testing Program
This funding would support increased testing by local governments and schools, including the purchase of rapid Covid tests and expanded lab capacity.

· $20 Billion National Vaccination Program
The proposal would help ramp up a national vaccination program similar to the massive polio vaccination campaigns of the 1950s, with funding for community vaccination centers and mobile units for rural areas.

· Emergency Paid Sick Leave And Medical Leave
Paid medical leave for those who do not have it will allow workers to stay home if they suspect they are sick (avoiding dangerous “presenteeism”) and help parents take care of sick children at home.

· 15% Increase In Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits
The proposal would increase SNAP benefits available to low-income families by 15% until October. Additionally, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) would receive an additional $3 billion investment.

· Increase Minimum Wage To $15 Per Hour
The federally mandated minimum wage for non-exempt employees would be increased from $7.25 to $15.00 per hour.

· Emergency Increase In Child Tax Credit
The proposal would expand child tax credits for one year, allowing families to receive a tax credit of up to $4,000 for a child under 13, or $8,000 for two or more children.

2. What’s The Latest CDC Guidance On Covid Safety At K-12 Schools?

The CDC has ranked the relative risk of different school learning models from the lowest to the highest.

Lowest Risk: Virtual only classes, activities, and events.
Some Risk: Hybrid learning models that augment virtual classes with limited in-person learning, provided students and teachers follow scrupulous hygiene practices and remain in isolated “bubbles” or rigorously applied staggered schedules.
Medium Risk: Hybrid learning models where many students engage in in-person learning in larger classrooms with some mixing of different groups of students and teachers across schooldays.
Higher Risk: Full-time in-person learning activities and events with some mixing of different groups of students and teachers across schooldays.
Highest Risk: Full-time in-person learning activities and events with students and teachers freely mixing between classes and activities, poor sanitary hygiene practices, and freely sharing objects.

3. What Can Facility Managers Do To Make K-12 Schools Safer?

K-12 school facility managers have had to respond quickly to the challenges of conducting in-class learning during the Covid pandemic.

Some the primary strategies include reducing class sizes and spreading desks further apart to increase social distancing, increasing ventilation and classrooms, either by opening windows during temperate days or revamping ventilation systems to draw air away (ideally up and out of the facility), and adding transparent dividers for students, teachers, for administrative support staff must work close to one another.

The CDC has also created “Plan, Prepare, and Respond” toolkits for facility managers and administrators operating school and child care programs, including:

· COVID-19 Mitigation Toolkit
How to prevent the spread of Covid in your facility.
· Five-Step School Walk-Through Guide
This guide provides a hands-on approach to getting ready for in-person learning.
· How to Set up Your Classroom
Ways to modify layout and classroom behaviors to reduce virus risks.
· Guide for Teachers and Staff Returning to Class
What teachers, staff, and families need to know about returning to school.

4. What About Unconventional Or Alternative Schooling Ideas?

During the spring, summer, and fall, many school districts experimented with conducting in-person learning within outdoor classroom spaces.

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MGH Institute of Health Professions Launches New England’s First Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology Program

Program Director Dr. Bridget Perry

Program Director Dr. Bridget Perry

The two-year program offers a personalized learning model, an interdisciplinary focus, and a commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

It aims to develop highly effective leaders and practitioners who draw on cutting-edge clinical expertise and critical thinking abilities to advance the impact of our profession on patient outcomes.”

— Program Director Dr. Bridget Perry

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, January 21, 2021 / — MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston has launched New England’s first clinical Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology (SLPD) program.

The post-professional program, which is primarily online, is designed for working speech-language pathologists who have a strong desire to assume advanced professional roles both within the field and within interprofessional teams, according to Dr. Bridget Perry, the program’s director.

“As a speech-language pathologist myself, I know firsthand many of the challenges SLPs face in clinical practice today,” said Perry, who earned a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in 2018 from the MGH Institute and is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. “Our new SLPD program aims to develop highly effective leaders and practitioners who draw on cutting-edge clinical expertise and critical thinking abilities to advance the impact of our profession on patient outcomes.”

The six-semester program, which has two points of entry (fall and summer), includes a flexible schedule with a blend of self-directed and optional weekly live classes to meet professionals’ individual schedules. The first class will start in September 2021.

The program has three other unique aspects:

• A personalized learning model. Students can customize coursework and take a deep dive into a specific area of interest. With guidance from a mentor or mentorship team within or outside the MGH Institute, students will complete a Capstone project designed to address their specific learning objectives within their clinical area of interest.

• An interdisciplinary focus. This approach promotes collaboration with peers and practitioners from across the health professions, creating team-building opportunities in every course. The program reinforces the importance of team care by sharing many core courses with the MGH Institute’s post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy program. Research shows that this patient-centered team approach creates optimum patient outcomes.

• A commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Topics, projects, and action plans that focus on influencing and promoting these critical issues in service delivery for clients are woven throughout the curriculum.

About MGH Institute of Health Professions

Team-based care, delivered by clinicians skilled in collaboration and communication, leads to better outcomes for patients. That’s why MGH Institute of Health Professions graduate school in Boston integrates interprofessional education into its academic programs. Approximately 1,600 students pursue post-baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in genetic counseling, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, speech-language pathology, health professions education, and rehabilitation sciences. The interprofessional learning model extends to hundreds of hospitals, and clinical, community, and educational sites in Greater Boston and beyond.

The MGH Institute is the only degree-granting affiliate of Mass General Brigham, New England’s largest health provider. It has educated more than 8,900 graduates since its 1977 founding. It is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Several programs are highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report. For the past decade, the IHP has been named a “Great College to Work For.”

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Education Needed to Reduce Number of New Born Drug Addicts

No new born baby should have to experience the living nightmare of opioid withdrawals.

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — A recent study shows that in the US from 2010 to 2017, estimated rates of new born babies withdrawing from opioids, called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), significantly increased nationally and in the majority of states.i The Foundation for a Drug-Free World (FDFW) Florida chapter is asking the community to get educated about this issue and the Truth About Drugs. FDFW provides free drug education materials to anyone who would like to educate themselves and others.

“Drug education is so important in reducing drug abuse,” said Ms. Julieta Santagostino, the President of FDFW Florida Chapter. “With drug education we can empower young people to make the right decision to live drug-free and save lives.”

As opioid addicts will tell you, withdrawals from these drugs are unbearable and can include pain in the muscles, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, restlessness, sweating, general discontent, anxiety, dilated pupil or watery eyes, cramping abdominal pain, fast heart rate, excessive yawning, goose bumps, insomnia and tremor.

“No new born baby should have to experience the living nightmare of opioid withdrawal,” said Ms. Santagostino. It can take up to 6 months for a new born baby to recover from withdrawal symptoms. ii

FDFW educational materials include 14 information booklets on the most commonly abused drugs including, “The Truth About Painkillers” and “The Truth About Heroin.” There is also a documentary “The Truth About Drugs – Real People Real Stories.” And free online courses utilizing the booklets and videos that any can do.

To order the materials, sign up for the online courses or get more information go to:

About Foundation for a Drug-Free World:

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. Through a worldwide network of volunteers, 50 million drug prevention booklets have been distributed and tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held in some 180 countries. The Foundation’s “Truth About Drugs” public service announcements have been aired on more than 500 television stations. Supported by the Church of Scientology internationally, the materials and activities in 20 languages have helped people around the world learn about the destructive side effects of drugs and thereby make the decision for themselves to not use them.



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The Best Nootropic Extracts for 2021: Vaccinium, Polygala, Cistanche, and Bacopa

Bilberry brain health extract (also known as Vaccinium uliginosum)

Bilberry (also known as Vaccinium uliginosum) is Linden Botanicals’ top-selling brain health/nootropic extract.

Polygala tenuifolia extract from Linden Botanicals

Polygala tenuifolia is a popular 2021 nootropic extract from Linden Botanicals

Cistanche tubulosa from Mongolia is a top nootropic extract for brain health and energy.

Cistanche tubulosa from Mongolia is a top nootropic extract for brain health and energy.

Bacopa monnieri, known as the plant of universal consciousness, is used to support the treatment of cognitive deficits and improve learning.

Bacopa monnieri, known as the plant of universal consciousness, is used to support the treatment of cognitive deficits and improve learning.

Linden Botanicals - The World's Healthiest Teas and Extracts

Linden Botanicals – The World’s Healthiest Teas and Extracts

Nootropics like Vaccinium uliginosum, Polygala tenuifolia, Cistanche tubulosa, and Bacopa monnieri may improve cognition, memory, creativity, and motivation.

The best nootropics may provide invaluable brain health support. Vaccinium, Polygala, Cistanche, and Bacopa may help improve focus, memory, and learning, which is why we sell them in our online store.”

— Michael Van der Linden, Owner of Linden Botanicals

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Nootropics may help improve cognitive ability, memory, concentration, and creativity. Nootropics are known to improve mood and reduce anxiety, and some may boost levels of social comfort and ease. Some nootropics may even increase willpower and motivation. The most effective nootropics in 2021 include Vaccinium uliginosum, Polygala tenuifolia, Cistanche tubulosa, and Bacopa monnieri.

Studies suggest Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry) may improve memory and help with age-related cognitive issues. It may reverse the cognitive decline many people experience with aging. It’s often used as support for the treatment of cognitive deficits, navigational skills, balance, and coordination. Compounds in Vaccinium seem to jumpstart the brain, helping aging neurons communicate again.

Polygala tenuifolia may be able to improve willpower, motivation, and creative thinking. It’s Chinese name, “Yuan Zhi,” means “high aspirations.” It is often used for geriatric concerns due to its ability to protect against cognitive decline. Research shows it can promote neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation, putting it in a special category of nootropics that supports new brain cell growth.

Cistanche tubulosa (Rou Cong Rong) is traditionally used to improve brain health, enhance practiced learning abilities, and increase stamina and longevity. It may also help sharpen the memory, help maintain healthy metabolic function, and increase energy. Research shows it may enhance mitochondrial functional and antioxidant capacity, which may improve endurance and reduce fatigue.

Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) is known as the plant of universal consciousness. It is used to support the treatment of cognitive deficits, improve learning, and sharpen memory. It is also used to support clarity in thinking, learning, and concentration in otherwise healthy adults. Some research suggests it may protect brain cells from chemicals involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our most popular nootropics—Vaccinium, Polygala, Cistanche, and Bacopa—may optimize brain health,” says Linden Botanicals owner Michael Van der Linden. “These nootropic extracts are all-natural ways to help people live their lives with greater focus and intention.”

“Nootropic” is a word formed from the Greek words nous (mind) and trepein (bend). The term was coined by psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, who stated that a true nootropic meets five criteria: (1) enhances memory and learning ability; (2) helps the brain resist learned behaviors and disruptive memories; (3) protects the brain from harmful physical or chemical injury or damage; (4) enhances the efficiency of brain functions; and (5) lacks any sedative, stimulant, or toxic side effects.

“The best nootropics in 2021 may provide invaluable support,” Van der Linden says. “Vaccinium, Polygala, Cistanche, and Bacopa may help to improve focus, memory, and learning, which is why we sell them in our online store.”

The Linden Botanicals FAQ page provides science-based research and information about how Vaccinium, Polygala, Cistanche, and Bacopa extracts have the potential to help optimize brain health.

About Linden Botanicals: Linden Botanicals sells the world’s healthiest teas and extracts, including Vaccinium uliginosum (Bilberry), Polygala tenuifolia (Yuan Zhi), Cistanche tubulosa, and Bacopa monnieri. These teas and extracts provide science-based support for brain health, mood, immune health, stress relief, energy, memory, kidney health, joint health, digestive health, inflammation, hormonal balance, and detox/cleanse. Visit to learn about the company’s teas and extracts and find hundreds of valuable health tips and resources. U.S. orders $75+ ship free.

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