Scorpion Scheme:  DEATH AND DANGER ON THE NILE Hope Sze Medical Crime 8

Scorpion Scheme: DEATH AND DANGER ON THE NILE Hope Sze Medical Crime 8

Terminally ILL: Where magic meets murder  (Hope Sze medical mystery Book 3)

Terminally ILL: Where magic meets murder (Hope Sze medical mystery Book 3)

Melissa Yi: Award Winning Author

Melissa Yi: Award Winning Author

by one of Canada’s top thriller authors, MELISSA YI

SOUTH GLENGARRY, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 1, 2021 / — Released and published by Wildtree Press!
The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms!

"ER meets Homeland in a frenetic Egyptian adventure. Hope Sze turns her medical crimefighting into an international incident. Terrorism, tombs, sarcasm, and sex.”—Dr. Frank Warsh, author of Hippocrates: the Art and the Oath

"Scorpion Scheme is top-notch historical crime fiction with a fabulous kick-ass female protagonist. The kind of book that you just can't put down. Scorpion Scheme is Robin Cook meets D.J. McIntosh's fabulous Mesopotamian trilogy but it delivers a stingingly good tale all on its own steam."—Lisa de Nikolits, author of The Rage Room


Dr. Hope Sze doesn't need a free trip to Egypt.

She can't afford the flight to Cairo, or the cruise down the Nile, so she'd keep studying in Canada-except her fiancé, Dr. John Tucker, yearns to patrol the pyramids and confront the curse on King Tutankhamun's tomb.

So when a company offers them both a free stay in Cairo in exchange for a month's work in an emergency department, Tucker lobbies for a pre-honeymoon in the Valley of Kings and Queens, investigating the windswept temple of Hatshepsut, or scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Instead, within 90 minutes of arrival, Hope drops to her knees outside the Grand Egyptian Museum, desperate to save a now-comatose 87-year-old Johannesburg man who'd raved about Kruger and treasure after receiving a nail through his skull.

Tucker fixates on their one chance at the legendary Kruger Millions, a rumoured fortune that many believe lies secretly stowed somewhere in South Africa.

Since their combined student debt load totals half a million dollars, Tucker can't pass up the possibility of a treasure trove in buried gold.

Hope launches into her first mystery based in a birthplace of human civilization.
Where the evil god Set battled righteous Horus and Isis in an 80-year war.
Where wealth and power clash with political revolution.

Where Antony fell in love with Cleopatra.

Where Hope and Tucker must outwit, or fall prey, to a ruthless criminal mastermind.

Praise for the Hope Sze series

#1 Mystery Selection—CBC Books, on Human Remains. Recommended authors also include Louise Penny and Maureen Jennings

One of the best Canadian suspense books recommended by Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail, on Human Remains
"Smart and sassy."—Jim Napier, Reviewing the Evidence


Terminally Ill: Where magic meets murder
(Hope Sze medical mystery Book 3)


Magic? Dr. Hope Sze steers clear of magic.

But when “Elvis the Escape King” chains and nails himself inside a coffin on the anniversary of Houdini's death, in Montreal’s St. Lawrence River, he can’t break free.

Soon after Hope restarts his heart and saves his life, Elvis demands to know who sabotaged his stunt.

Hope hung up her amateur detective badge to tend to cancer patients on palliative care.

Next, she'll transfer to Ottawa and join her ex-paramour, Ryan. No more unspeakable Montreal drivers and stymied medical care. No more working with the charming yet infuriating Dr. Tucker.
Hope the Escape Artist can afford to act generous. As a parting gift to Montreal, city of festivals and murderers, she'll save Elvis’s sanity as well as his skin.

And so Hope plunges into her most unconventional and most terminal adventure yet.

Where the magical art of escape and the subtle skill of crime vie for centre stage, and the better man may lose. Forever.

"[T]his novel demonstrates familiarity with the conventions of mysteries without being constrained by them and with the realities of Canada's medical world. Although the tone is light, the author is not afraid to introduce darker themes. The three intertwining mysteries and Hope herself provide a narrative by turns entertaining and insightful." —Publishers Weekly

"Narrating in a sprightly style while sharing some of the nitty-gritty of a resident's job, Hope Sze is an utterly likeable character."—Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine


Melissa Yi is an emergency physician and award-winning writer. In her newest crime novel, SCORPION SCHEME, Dr. Hope Sze lands in Cairo and discovers a man with a nail through his skull who might hold the key to millions in buried gold. Previous Hope Sze thrillers were recommended by The Globe and Mail, CBC Books, and The Next Chapter as one of the best Canadian suspense novels. Yi was shortlisted for the Derringer Award for the world’s best short mystery fiction. Under the name Melissa Yuan-Innes, she also writes medical humour and has won speculative fiction awards.

To request additional review copies or an interview with Melissa Yi, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: / 403.464.6925.

We look forward to the coverage!

Mickey Mikkelson
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Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership Announces Release of New Educational Video Series

2021 Educational Video Series

PPSPP provides education through outreach events and suicide prevention trainings. The agency’s interventions include clinical and peer support services.

The new video series will enhance our mission to unite the community in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region through education, intervention and prevention.”

— Cassandra Walton, Executive Director

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (PPSPP) in Colorado Springs, CO has announced the release of a series of nine new videos, which are educational in nature and cover the challenging topics of youth suicide, gun safety, suicide in the military (active duty or veteran), another that features PPSPP programs and one that discusses COVID’s effect on the agency’s mission, among other topics. The video series can be viewed at this link. Click here.

The Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (PPSPP) has been serving individuals and families since 1993. Founded by local women with personal reasons for bringing the issue of suicide into the public eye, PPSPP began as a crisis line center for suicide prevention and is now a resource center where clients are connected to referral services and a peer support program. They also operate a 24/7 peer support program to provide intervention, especially overnight, so ‘nobody has to sit in the darkness alone’.

“The new video series will enhance our mission to unite the community in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region through education, intervention and postvention,” said Cassandra Walton, Executive Director, “Suicide is a perceived solution to an overwhelming problem. PPSPP provides outreach and awareness events, suicide prevention trainings, support groups and individual counseling. All services are provided at no cost.”

Walton has been working with PPSPP for just over a year and became involved after a loss of a close family friend. “A string of youth suicides rocked the Colorado Springs in 2016-2017,” Walton said. “Various community initiatives started up in response to those losses and PPSPP was contracted by the El Paso County Health Department to complete a research project called the, “Teen Think Tanks.” We interviewed hundreds of teens about what they thought suicide prevention in schools should look like. I then felt compelled to help make some of their ideas a reality,” she explained.

Walton feels that it’s important for the community to see the video series because “one of our strongest arms of prevention is an informed public. We need people to be exposed to the concept of suicide prevention. The more people who know, the more lives we can save – especially when it comes to underserved groups like men and our community’s military personnel. We want people in need to make sure that they are getting help – whatever that may be.”

PPSPP provides education through outreach events and suicide prevention trainings. The agency’s interventions include clinical and peer support services. For postvention they provide immediate support to individuals, families and organizations impacted by a suicide loss through communication, crisis and bereavement support and peer support services.

In one of the feature videos, Walton talks about how COVID-19 has affected teen suicide. “Youth suicide is a hot topic in our community since the pandemic hit. PPSPP has worked to proactively address topics like isolation and pandemic fatigue,” said Walton. “We understand that many parents have been stressed out and teens feel like they don’t want to be an added burden to the household. We have to remember that many who are struggling are not in a place to reach out and so we must get creative and be tenacious about “reaching in” to them.”

A male client shared that having access to free services was hugely important. He stated that “people need to start talking about mental illness and suicide. Men need to get over the stigma and believe that it’s OK to reach out for help.” PPSPP’s partnership with NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) classes and M.A.N. Up (Mental Accountability Network), started by a PPSPP volunteer inspired by their experience with the agency, have been crucially important. “If I had succeeded in my suicide attempt, I would have missed out on so many things. Finding a safe space to share my struggles has literally saved my life. I have been able to get all of that stuff out and people don’t judge me when I do it; I can tell I am a healthier person.”

P&A President Michael Perini said, “The firm is honored and grateful that PPSPP placed their trust in our video services to help their organization spread the word about suicide prevention efforts as well as encourage more individuals to find the professional help they need.”

Walton stated that the hardest part of her job is getting the call or waking up to a news story about another loss to suicide. “I force myself to find out the details of these losses, so I can learn what service or resource could have made the difference for that person,” she said. “Suicide prevention is a complex issue with a lot of moving parts. It is important that making these videos available, either through us or through connections with community partners, shows that help, and hope, are always nearby.”

# # #
About Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership
The mission of Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership is to unite the community in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region through education, intervention, and postvention. Their vision is Reducing Suicide Across the Pikes Peak Region.

In their efforts to reduce suicide in the Pikes Peak Region in 2020, PPSPP offered over 300 individual therapy sessions; held 144 group meetings (average weekly attendance: 18); held 732 peer support calls/meetings; trained 602 individuals in suicide prevention; reached out to 115gun retailers and held 32 awareness events. *These numbers are through November, 2020*
All services are FREE! To make a donation or learn more go to the website at or call (719) 573-7447.

About Perini & Associates
Perini & Associates. Taking public relations to new levels. For information about this news release contact perini & associates at (719) 651.5943 or email

Cassandra Walton
Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership
+1 719-573-7447
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Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership: When it Hurts to Live

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IntuitiveX Proves Success of Early Stage Life Sciences Commercialization Model

IntuitiveX, a premier life sciences consulting firm and incubator, demonstrates success of its differentiated model for commercializing early stage startups.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — IntuitiveX, a premier life sciences consulting firm and incubator demonstrates the success of its differentiated model for commercializing early stage life sciences companies and has the results to prove it.

After recognizing pain points unique to the life sciences, serial entrepreneur, investor, and physician Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX, discovered a proprietary methodology and model for catalyzing life sciences startups which has become the cornerstone of IntuitiveX. The methodology and model offer a way to assess the current and future growth potential of early stage life sciences startups while providing a one-stop shop approach to solving these unique growth challenges via consultancy and incubation.

“After repeatedly going through the life sciences maze of innovation as investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, IntuitiveX has been able to better understand how to efficiently navigate through the complexities of early stage life sciences commercialization. We’ve observed that the more we repeat the maze of testing and validating the model with our clients, the more we iterate on our approach, and the more long-term value we create.” said Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX.

Since its inception, IntuitiveX has generated millions in value for its investors, portfolio companies, and shareholders and has realized noteworthy portfolio company successes. To name a few, recently AltPep, a Seattle-based biotech startup tackling amyloid protein disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease, raised $23M in series A financing. CarlsMed, leveraging machine learning technologies and prior outcomes data to personalize the treatment for complex adult spinal deformities, has raised $12.6M in funding and recently was granted breakthrough device designation by the FDA. NavLab, a medical IP holding company, generated an IRR of 181% and has a history of creating and selling novel medical device IP assets within the surgical robotics & AI/ML space. Amplify Surgical, developer of a dual expanding interbody fusion system, has surpassed more than 800+ surgical cases and Auctus Surgical, developer of technologies focused on non-fusion scoliosis correction, recently was awarded Best Technology In Spine by OrthopedicThisWeek, a prestigious orthopedic publication. In aggregate, IntuitiveX’s overall portfolio company growth has been staggering, not including the value it has provided for its service clients.

Within a few years, IntuitiveX has been assisting life sciences companies in the following ways: fast-tracking & co-inventing new IP, supporting international commercialization within the U.S., scaling portfolio companies by oversubscribing on seed and Series A rounds across digital health, medtech, pharma, & biotech, opening access into a pipeline of early-stage companies, spearheading FDA servicing, IP commercialization, IP acquisition, business development, joint venture development, mergers, and staffing, and hosting exclusive life sciences events.

“We see great ideas and products ultimately fall short of success because they either do not fully prepare for commercial challenges ahead or they approach hurdles to commercialization in a piecemeal manner. Lack of coordination and integration (e.g. regulatory approval fragmented from IP, product validation devoid of clinical and strategic KOL buy-in, etc.) leads to inefficiencies, gaps, and delays in successful commercialization.” Amy Chen, VP of Client Services.

The IntuitiveX approach assesses key success factors when building a roadmap to commercialization. These vital ingredients are aggregated from their collective experience in launching life science endeavors and prioritized in a balanced approach to business, intellectual property (IP), clinical, and scientific aspects of a strong and de-risked startup company. Utilizing a closed incubation model and a one-stop shop consultancy model, startups are able to get holistic support in the validation, strategy, and execution needed to bring life sciences products to market.

About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a premier life science consulting firm and incubator based in Seattle, Washington that specializes in growing early-stage life science startups and supporting international companies seeking commercialization within the U.S. across medical devices, biotech, Pharma, and digital health. With a team of life science entrepreneurs, physicians, investors, and innovators, we bring a combined 100+ years of experience supporting startups from ideation to commercialization.

Emeka Alozie

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Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC Celebrates 15 Years of Legal Excellence

Our success as a law firm is rooted in a commitment to excellence by our attorneys and staff, and we thank our loyal clients for their support and confidence through the years.”

— Gary R. Pannone, Managing Principal

JOHNSTON, RHODE ISLAND, USA, March 1, 2021 / — Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara LLC (PLDO) announced that the firm is commemorating its 15th anniversary, marking a significant and proud milestone achieved through innovation in the practice of law, teamwork, and collaboration in delivering quality legal services for clients despite the challenges, including last year’s unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our success as a law firm is rooted in a commitment to excellence by our attorneys and staff, and we thank our loyal clients for their support and confidence through the years,” said Gary R. Pannone, a founder and Managing Principal. “Fifteen years ago, we decided to form a new entity that would combine business principles to the practice of law by encouraging collaboration by and among all of our lawyers and staff with a focus on building strategic alliances with other businesses and professionals in an effort to pool resources and develop creative and cost-effective solutions to complex business and legal issues. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and thank our entire team and our clients for being a part of this success story.”

Pannone added, “Last year was uniquely challenging with the unprecedented pandemic; however, we were prepared for this type of event by making significant investments in technology and training our lawyers and staff to effectively discharge their responsibilities through the use of technology while working remotely. All the credit goes to the lawyers and staff for being prepared for the challenges that we have all faced and we are humbled and grateful to our long-standing client relationships.”

Founded in 2006, PLDO has become a highly respected, multi-state law firm with a business platform that is innovative, incorporates advanced technology in servicing clients, and relies upon a team approach to problem-solving for clients. In addition to Attorney Pannone, other founding members are PLDO Principals Matthew A. Lopes Jr., William P. Devereaux, and William E. O’Gara. All of the principals were formerly partners in an international law firm and collectively have more than 140 years of experience in the practice of law.

Over the years, PLDO has distinguished itself as one of the top-ranked law firms in the region and is annually selected as among the “Best Law Firms” in America by U.S. News – Best Lawyers®. PLDO attorneys are consistently recognized by their peers as Best Lawyers in America© and many of the firm’s lawyers have been recognized by their peers and judges with the Martindale Hubbell AV Preeminent rating, which is the highest level of achievement for professional skill and integrity.

The firm is also dedicated to being involved in the community and has supported hundreds of nonprofit organizations over the years in charitable giving, volunteerism and pro bono resources. It has been honored with several awards for its service such as being recognized for its volunteerism by the American Cancer Society at its Rhode Island “Toast To Hope” event and its contribution to the business community by being named “Corporation of the Year” by the Rhode Island Black Business Association. PLDO is also one of the law firms that is part of the Roger Williams University School of Law Pro Bono Collaborative.

The day the firm opened its doors it consisted of the four principals, two lawyers and a few staff members. Today, it is a prestigious, full-service law firm with over 60 attorneys and professional staff and a geographical footprint that includes offices in Rhode Island, Florida and Massachusetts. PLDO has thrived in spite of the economic downturn in 2008 and the pandemic of 2020 to become a highly respected full-service law firm.

PLDO clients include closely-held businesses, public companies, health care providers, public finance entities, nonprofit organizations, municipalities, software developers, universities, developers, construction companies, high-net-worth individuals, as well as emerging businesses including the cannabis industry. The attorneys have extensive experience in the areas of administrative law, business law, special masterships, civil litigation, public finance, estate planning, probate administration, white collar, health care, trust litigation, employment law, real estate development and commercial lending. The firm’s latest initiative is the creation of PLDO Strategies LLC, a consulting arm that provides services in the areas of legislative strategies, government affairs, lobbying, grassroots advocacy, strategic communications and crisis management.

As part of its anniversary celebration with the community, PLDO has created a multimedia “15th Anniversary” web page that includes a video and other material highlighting the firm’s growth and success. Please click Celebrating 15 Years of Legal Excellence to access the information. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O’Gara (“PLDO”) attorneys are highly skilled with a proven track record of achievement representing clients with respect to complex matters in a wide range of disciplines and industries. The founders of PLDO were formerly partners in an international law firm and are trained in multiple disciplines. The primary areas of practice for the firm include business law, special masterships, government relations and legislative strategies, civil litigation, real estate development, commercial lending, municipal law, nonprofit law, cyber law, health care law, white collar defense, estate planning, probate administration and trust litigation. The core values of respect, integrity, quality service and responsiveness are stressed each day at PLDO and the firm is committed to supporting the community in a meaningful way. The firm has offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida. For more information, visit

Clare Eckert
Pannone Lopes Devereaux & O'Gara LLC
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NYPPEX: 2020 Best & Worst Buyout Funds in North America

NYPPEX believes that 2020 served as an excellent stress test year for evaluating the relative performance of fund strategies in North America, Europe and Asia.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — NYPPEX believes that 2020 served as an excellent stress test year for evaluating the relative performance of fund strategies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Gridiron Capital Fund III headquartered in New Canaan, CT was ranked as the number 1 North American buyout fund in 2020 by NYPPEX. Return performance was based on net investment multiple since a fund’s inception. Eligible funds had at least $500 million in capital commitments and 2015-2020 vintages

Gridiron’s buyout strategy has an industry-focused approach that seeks to build mid-market companies into global leaders in 3 core sectors: Branded Consumer, B2B and B2C Services and Niche Industrial.

Surprisingly in 2020, two general partners each had two buyout funds ranked in the top 10.

Thoma Bravo Special Opportunities Fund II ranked number 6 and Thoma Bravo Discover Fund ranked number 7. Thoma Bravo’s buyout strategy focuses on software and technology companies, and pursues a differentiated "consolidation" or "buy and build" approach.

Veritas Capital Fund V ranked number 2 and Veritas Capital Fund VI ranked number 9. Veritas’ buyout strategy focuses on companies that provide critical products and services primarily technology-enabled solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide including healthcare, aerospace & defense and national security.

Regions for the top 10 North American buyout funds in 2020 were diverse and comprised of New York (3), Los Angeles (2), Chicago, Toronto, Quebec, San Francisco and Connecticut.

Institutional and other qualified purchaser investors are welcome to request a complimentary copy of the NYPPEX: 2020 Best & Worst Buyout Funds Worldwide report at

About NYPPEX Private Markets™

NYPPEX is one of the world’s leading secondary market liquidity providers for interests in private equity funds, securities and warrants in private companies and their respective derivative instruments.

NYPPEX provides private equity liquidity through the NYPPEX QMS Platform™ and its specialized professionals, with a qualified investor network in over 26 countries.

The NYPPEX Portfolio Pricing service estimates bid indications on over 9,500 private equity funds and private companies headquartered in over 110 countries and 22 currencies. Our bid indications may be taken into consideration by investors to more cost effectively create GAAP and IFRS compliant audited financial statements as per FASB 157 and ASC 820.

The NYPPEX Qualified Matching Service (QMS) received a rare private letter ruling from the U.S. IRS in 2004 formally recognizing its ability to provide a QMS safe-harbor exemption for private partnerships to permit a higher volume of secondary interest transfers annually. NYPPEX is regulated in the U.S. by the SEC and FINRA. Member SIPC.

Risk Disclosure

This document is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation for any security which may only be done through an issuer’s private offering documents and in jurisdictions where permissible. Nothing contained in this document constitutes investment advice or offers any opinion with respect to the suitability of any security. The views expressed in this document should not be taken as advice to buy, sell or hold any security. In preparing the information contained in this document, NYPPEX has not taken into account the investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances of any particular investor. This information has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any specific recipient. It private equity information is not suitable for the public and may not be suitable for all qualified investors. Any views expressed on this document were prepared based upon estimates available at the time such views were written, which may change without notice. You can learn more about NYPPEX and its employees at All information is subject to possible correction. Information may quickly become unreliable for various reasons, including updates, changes in market or economic conditions.

Copyright © 2021 NYPPEX Holdings, LLC. All rights reserved

Mark L. Goldman
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Anna Khachatrian of CodeRiders On How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

Anna Khachatrian of CodeRiders was interviewed by Authority Magazine

Anna Khachatrian of CodeRiders was interviewed by Authority Magazine

CodeRiders Software Outsourcing company at EASA with the award of Best Software Vendor

CodeRiders software development house at EuroAsian Startup Awards (EASA)

Armenian tech company outsourcing worldwide

CodeRiders is a team of talented professional software developers

CodeRiders' Business Development Executive, Anna Khachatrian was interviewed by Jason Hartman, an author on Authority Magazine.

We desire, together we achieve.”

— CodeRiders

YEREVAN, ARMENIA, March 1, 2021 / — CodeRiders' Business Development Executive, Anna Khachatrian was interviewed by Jason Hartman, an author on Authority Magazine.

The main challenge of digital transformation comes when some companies are not familiar with tech innovations and the digitization process. They usually do not have IT departments or appropriate in-house professionals who can deal with IT stuff. The lack of technical persons in a company makes the communication process of the digital provider and the client a little bit difficult. Of course, this does not relate to each and every organization. But usually non-technical people need more time to get used to digitization, to learn more about its details, analyze whether that is something vital for their company or not. It’s faster and easier with technical people as being in the hub of the tech environment they always notice how the lack of digital solutions can impact the business in this or that way.

As part of our series about “How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Khachatrian.Anna Khachatrian is Business Development Executive at CodeRiders software development company. She is a digital marketing expert with 5+ years’ experience in business development, partnerships, client communications, and lead generation. Anna took part in several events as a speaker — both local and international, and one of her recent speeches was about professional women in a digitized economy during a conference by Women Impact Network (WIN). She also gave interviews to several media and event organizers, as well as writes articles for international media (like Clutch, The Entrepreneur), CodeRiders blog and her own blog on Medium.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series. Before we dive in, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started?

My educational background is different from what I do right now. I started it all with linguistics and journalism classes and ended up in IT sphere. I have been working since my university years as a journalist, English tutor, translator, PR specialist, but now I can confirm I shaped my career path when I entered the Information Technologies industry 5 years ago. Working on tech innovations in the IT sphere is what makes me feel comfortable. I started exploring the world of digital, and this is when I understood what my career destination is going to look like. Since then I have been studying and learning new things in this industry every other day. Each day brings new skills and new opportunities for me because the base of my job is digital and we encounter constant innovations in the virtual world. I find this very exciting and motivating to move forward.

Today my work at CodeRiders is mostly about digital and digitalization. My work sphere is digital marketing in tech and innovation. I am the main communicator between CodeRiders and its clients who want to digitize their businesses. I am leading the company’s campaigns implementing both Inbound and Outbound marketing methodologies. Helping businesses to meet their desired digital solutions is what makes me happy. I plan long-term and short-term strategies for business growth, present CodeRiders and its services during business meetings and events. Besides these, my everyday work includes conducting SEO and SMM campaigns and branding the company in the market. Today the way I showcase my skills in the digital world makes both me and our clients satisfied.
Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lessons or ‘take aways’ you learned from that?

I receive this question a lot, and every time I look back to find an example. Surely there will be examples of failure but the human brain is constructed in a way that you always remember the good things and success stories you have rather than the failures. In my case, the thing that I am looking for an answer to this question for too long is also because I have shaped my mindset in a way that even if I make mistakes I always try to find the good thing in it and the lesson I’ve learned. That’s why I am keen on remembering the positive sides than the failures.

However, after recalling the past experiences of mine, I think I have one story to share with you. A few years ago I was offered to join a technical team as a project manager and to conduct the whole development process. I had no previous experience in project management, but because I was successfully conducting communication with our clients and I have been in the IT industry for a few years, I felt quite confident I will be able to conduct the team of developers as well. As you can guess, the project was not one of the smooth and easy ones. I ended up with a lot of stressful days, tough times, and a bunch of lessons I have learned from this story. To make a long story short, after all the client ended up with so much satisfaction that they still keep in touch with us and are going to set up another development project with us in the near future. My mistake was to take up something I wasn’t fully aware of and to struggle to end it up successfully while I was learning in between. If I were given that offer now, I would, first of all, get some basic (if not in-depth) knowledge and the most important tips about project management before diving into the project. This is an ideal solution to provide a quality service without additional stress and energy loss, and this relates to anything.
To read the full article visit CodeRiders' blog.

CodeRiders Software Development Company
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Smart ERP Solutions Earns Service Expertise Validation for Oracle HCM Global Human Resources Cloud North America

Oracle Partner

Oracle Partner

Smart ERP Solutions

Smart ERP Solutions

Oracle partners that earn Expertise are among the industry's most elite solution providers who stand out from the rest.

PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. (SmartERP) announced today that they have earned Service Expertise Validation for Oracle HCM Global Human Resources Cloud. Meeting the Expertise requirements recognizes SmartERP as having proficiency in implementing Oracle HCM Global Human Resources Cloud within the North America region. SmartERP's Expertise can be found on the Oracle Partner Finder website.

Oracle partners, such as SmartERP that earn Expertise, are among the industry's most elite solution providers who stand out from the rest. Oracle customers can quickly identify partners that showcase their capabilities in a focused area with the right skills and experience to meet their needs.

Partners achieve track-specific Expertise by meeting targeted qualifiers that align to their business types whether they build on, sell, or provide services for Oracle technology. These qualifiers may consist of professional certifications, customer successes in specific geographic regions, and more.

"The SmartERP team's contribution, hard work, and commitment to our clients have made this distinction possible. This recognition from Oracle is a testament to how we continue to strive to enable increased productivity, cost reductions, and maximize our client's return on their investment," said Doris Wong, CEO, Smart ERP Solutions. "We are excited to have a key focus on SaaS/Cloud capabilities in conjunction with this significant Expertise distinction from Oracle."

In addition to their earned Expertise from Oracle for North America, SmartERP has proven multi-pillar ERP, EPM, and SCM implementation, integration, and support services capabilities, including NetSuite. SmartERP also provides SaaS offerings and application extensions that augment Oracle Cloud applications and Business Processes. SmartERP's application extensions include; Smart Employee Onboarding, Smart Tax integration with Avalara, Smart Segregation of Duties (SoD), and Smart E-Verify, which has also achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Human Capital Management (HCM).

About Smart ERP Solutions
Founded in 2005 by former Peoplesoft and Oracle executives, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. is a unique organization in the Enterprise Business Applications space providing innovative, cost-effective, and configurable solutions and services that efficiently extend the capabilities of ERP/HCM systems to meet specific business process needs. SmartERP has over 350 employees with headquarters in Pleasanton, California, and offices in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Toronto, Texas, Dubai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. SmartERP enables clients to seamlessly integrate their people, processes, applications, and data, across an enterprise, enabling the organization to streamline its operations and support business growth. SmartERP has strong technology capabilities across all Oracle platforms and services, including deep integration technologies to connect on-premise and Cloud applications with Oracle Cloud, data discovery, and visualization with collaborative Analytics and Database Technology platforms. SmartERP brings specialized on-premise and SaaS skills across each Oracle platform and can help with on-premise to Oracle Cloud application and infrastructure migrations.

Dave Reik
Smart ERP Solutions
9257083222 ext.
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Avoultra Helping Health-Conscious Individuals to Boost their Immunity and To Live Healthier Lifestyles

The company’s goal is to help others to live a healthy lifestyle.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Avoultra is pleased to announce it is supporting individuals to boost their immune system and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Avoultra is an online health coaching website dedicating to supporting the health needs of individuals from around the world. The company’s aim is to help others develop and maintain a healthier lifestyle to increase energy, live longer, and learn key information about the health benefits of different foods.

One such topic Avoultra covers is the idea that poisons and toxins are making their way into the human body, causing a wide array of unpleasant side effects. Through the company’s free, informative report, readers will learn four different ways poisons and toxins are entering the body without them ever knowing. The report also presents a step-by-step guide to flush out these toxins, replenish the body’s nutrients, and use the power of superfoods to enjoy an amazing life.

“I’ve always been incredibly passionate about helping others to live their best life through my innovative training programs and resources,” says founder of Avoultra, Alex Woodward. “My goal is to help as many people as I can to live a longer and healthier life and my latest report about the impact of toxins and poisons on the body is designed to do just that. I believe that with this critical information, plus a positive outlook, this will do so much for others to live a longer, healthier, and more energetic lifestyle.”

Visitors to Avoultra can also find an informative blog page that discusses an array of topics, from growing your own produce without soil, getting a deeper sleep, and so much more.

For more information about Avoultra, or to download the free report, How Poisons and Toxins are Entering Your Body, please visit

About Avoultra

Avoultra is an online website specializing in health and wellness. The company strives to provide readers with individual support to understand what is negatively impacting their health, how to resolve these key issues, and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Fighting prostate cancer in the Mississippi Delta, one man at a time

Men’s Health Network

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — In the impoverished communities of the Mississippi Delta, where prostate cancer death rates are more than 28 men per 100,000, residents were leery about the concept of research. Delta residents were deeply concerned about exploitation and feared that participating in cancer research would make them guinea pigs.

So Freddie White-Johnson created a community cancer outreach movement, and she did it almost by herself. White-Johnson founded the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation in 2005. The foundation uses private and public funding to support cancer awareness and prevention activities, most run by volunteers from the Mississippi Network for Cancer Control and Prevention (MNCCP), based at the University of Southern Mississippi. White-Johnson is now the MNCCP’s program director. Read more about MNCCP’s work at

Mississippi already ranks fifth in the nation for prostate cancer deaths and fourth in breast cancer deaths. The nine counties of the Mississippi Delta have breast and prostate cancer deaths higher than Mississippi’s averages. Nationally, the death rate for prostate cancer is 19 per 100,000, compared with the Delta’s rate of 28 men per 100,000.

Although conditions have improved in the past 50 years, the Delta remains one of the most deprived regions in the U.S. The national poverty rate is about 11.7 percent; it's 15.7 percent for Mississippi. In most Delta counties, it's 30 to 40 percent.

While problems at the notorious “Sugar Ditch” in Tunica, Miss., improved after visits from national leaders in the mid-‘80s, the Delta remains one of the most deprived regions in the U.S.
The Delta communities have other social problems as well – high rates of teen pregnancy and incarceration. Many people lack sufficient food and clothing, and some residents have no indoor plumbing.

White-Johnson knew she had an uphill slog to teach people in the Delta about cancer prevention. But she also knew it was critical work. The new prostate cancer case rate in black or African-American men in Mississippi is almost twice as high as the new case rate in black or African-American men nationally.
With co-leader Carol Connell, Ph.D., RD, a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, White-Johnson used an engagement award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to develop a training curriculum for community health advisors. The curriculum was designed to counter community fears. Read more about the project at

Under White-Johnson’s and Connell’s leadership, MNCCP has trained more than a thousand community health advisors, selected from people who already make a difference in their communities. The advisors teach community members about breast and prostate cancer, including warning signs, symptoms, and the importance of screening.

The advisors meet their neighbors wherever they are – in churches and shopping areas, and in rec centers and fire stations. They provide food and activities to occupy children so parents can learn. The advisors also host health fairs, pass out literature and recruit people for screenings. Afterwards, advisors follow up with those who have not yet been screened.

Community advisors on White-Johnson’s team also take more direct action to assist those already living with cancer. They provide transportation to medical appointments and help patients determine questions to discuss with doctors. They also provide for some patients’ most basic needs, including food, heat, clothing, and training in proper hygiene.
Sammy Foster is one of those community advisors.

His team’s members interact with African-American men at health fairs, give talks at various venues, and follow up with attendees so they can get screened.

“The men don’t believe in going to the doctor even for a regular checkup,” Foster says. “The worst thing is that people aren’t knowledgeable about health and cancer. They are afraid to have a simple prostate exam because they don’t realize the importance of preventive health.”

White-Johnson understands the people she’s reaching out to. She grew up poor, the child of parents who never completed high school, on a cotton-and-soybean farm. When she was 17, her father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. No one in her family had heard of cancer, and the family had no health insurance.

“He was treating … cancer with Epsom salts and warm water and gargling,” White-Johnson says. Her mother finally insisted that her father see the doctor when his pain became unbearable. She says that her father’s deathbed advice to her to “go to school and get an education, and then come back and help the people like us” inspired her. She earned a degree in public policy and administration at USM and approached the university about launching the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation.

Initial interest was high, but no one wanted to lead the foundation, so White-Johnson took on the work herself. The university chose to independently continue the network, changing its name, when some of the early funding ended. White-Johnson continued the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation, and it supports the USM’s network with supplemental funding.

It will be many years before White-Johnson can consider her work completed.

“There are so many people still out there in Mississippi who don’t have any direct support or health resources,” White-Johnson says. “There are men who don’t even know what a prostate is. There’s so much work that still needs to be done.”

Prostate Cancer Resources:

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September):

Treatment of Early Stage Prostate Cancer and Quality of Life, for Patients, from PCORI:

Prostate Cancer brochure (free download):

Men's Health Network

Men's Health Network (MHN) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at Consider donating to MHN at Contact MHN at (info @ or 202-543-6461 x 101


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Men's Health Network

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Bails recognized as a Top Performer for ERP Implementation Leadership in ERP Implementation 2021 Report

CANONSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Bails, a trusted INFOR Alliance and Delivery Partner, was recently recognized as a Top Performer for ERP Implementation Leadership, according to the ERP Implementation 2021 Report. Bails is also a Top Performer in the KLAS Best in KLAS Report.

In this latest ERP Implementation Report, Bails received a 93.9 rating and scored an A in five out of the five experience pillars. Bails is KLAS-rated as a leader in several areas, including Executive Involvement, Strength of Partnership, Engagement Execution, Quality of Staff, Value, Tangible Outcomes, and Exceeding Expectations. Within the ERP Implementation Leadership category, 100% of respondents were highly satisfied and stated that they “would buy again” with respect to Bails’ services.

“In our inaugural year, Bails is very proud of the results obtained from KLAS’s ERP implementation leadership research. In a very challenging year for our healthcare clients, 24 healthcare professionals to date have participated in the research program, sharing their experiences with Bails,” says President Jamie Bails. “The insights provided by this broad sampling allow Bails to set goals for targeting specific areas for optimization, while sustaining our extraordinary behaviors, which consistently make clients successful in achieving their goals. Bails views KLAS data as integral in providing the best possible experience for our clients, ensuring enduring client relationships.”

The ERP space has quickly evolved, and Bails continues to grow with the changes while still maintaining a client-service focus. The recent acquisition of Bails by Nordic, a top-rated healthcare consulting firm, will allow Bails to continue to deliver transformational results to their clients across a wide range of industries and organizations.

About Bails & Associates

For 25 years, Bails & Associates has provided seasoned, certified consultants with services encompassing Human Capital & Talent Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Technical Services, including cloud provisioning, reporting, interfaces, data conversions, extensions, and workflows. Bails offers experts with a multitude of talents, abilities, and experience across diverse industries. Bails’ ERP resources are heavily experienced and are vetted, trained, and extensively supported, making them well qualified to identify client needs and exceed expectations. These attributes provide a smooth and seamless transition from existing systems, while at the same time enhancing each client’s business operations. To learn more, please visit

About KLAS Research

KLAS has been providing accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the healthcare IT (HIT) industry since 1996. The KLAS mission is to improve the world’s healthcare by amplifying the voice of providers and payers. The scope of our research is constantly expanding to best fit market needs as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. KLAS finds the hard-to-get HIT data by building strong relationships with our payer and provider friends in the industry. Learn more about KLAS at

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