Chairman/CEO Stevan Schweighardt on the Bridge to Life Ltd. Organ Preservation and Perfusion Solutions

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Stevan Schweighardt, Chairman/CEO, Bridge to Life Ltd.

Stevan Schweighardt, Chairman/CEO, Bridge to Life Ltd.

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In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, Bridge to Life Ltd. CEO /Co-Founder Stevan Schweighardt discusses their Organ Transport Technology

Bridge to Life is now an international company, providing organ preservation solutions to over 50 countries. Our solutions lead the worldwide market under the names of Belzer UW® and Belzer MPS®.”

— Stevan Schweighardt

NORTHBROOK, IL, US, June 21, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Stevan Schweighardt, Chairman/CEO of Northbrook, IL based Bridge to Life Ltd., sharing his thoughts on their organ preservation and perfusion solutions, and organ transport technology. “Our company culture is attuned to the transplant community’s needs. We do provide corresponding services, so if they run into a problem and have an emergency situation with a perfusion or have run out of solution, we will do everything possible to get them the solution and trouble shoot or answer questions 24/7. I believe this separates us from many of the other companies that are selling the transplant community products. We are a trusted supplier.”

Mr. Schweighardt tells CEOCFO Magazine’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, “Bridge to Life is now an international company, providing organ preservation solutions to over 50 countries. Our solutions lead the worldwide market under the names of Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution and Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution. We have been providing our transplant solutions for over 12 years at this point. As I said, our solutions lead the world market today. We continue to research and develop technology to improve organ preservation. We have now added organ perfusion devices to our portfolio of products. The addition of perfusion technology provides for more and better-quality organs to the transplant community worldwide.”

Asked about their organ preservation solution Mr. Schweighardt explained, "Our solution was invented by Folkert Belzer, M.D., at the University of Wisconsin, and therefore we call it the Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution. This unique solution was a major breakthrough in organ preservation. All the studies have shown that it is superior to the other organ preservation solutions and is considered the gold standard.” He continues, “It is the unique combination of components that help maintain the viability of the organ. There are some simpler and less effective formulations available. However, once you get beyond 4 hours of preservation time, the formulation developed by Dr. Belzer is superior in preserving an organ.”

Discussing their perfusion devices, Mr. Schweighardt tells Lynn, “Bridge to Life over the last three years has developed organ perfusion devices to improve outcomes for organs currently not considered viable for transplantation. We are currently selling the VitaSmart® Machine Perfusion System, our multipurpose (liver and kidney) perfusion pump in Europe and other parts of the world. We are also developing a heart perfusion device which received a “breakthrough device designation” from the FDA and through our merger with a Canadian company, Tevosol we are developing a breakthrough lung perfusion device.”

As to how they address the problems faced in transporting organs Mr. Schweighardt told CEOCFO, “We have two breakthrough perfusion devices to address the organ transport problems. Our LifeCradle™ Cardiac Preservation Transport System has received the “Breakthrough Device” designation from the FDA. We merged last year with a Canadian company, Tevosol. This brought in the EVOSS™ Lung, the first portable lung perfusion device already in clinical trials.”

Explaining why Bridge to Life is an important company, Mr. Schweighardt said, “We are customer-focused and understand that our customers have very challenging jobs. They are on call 24/7. They must travel and retrieve organs at all hours of the day. Transplants are done not when it is necessarily convenient to the surgical teams since it is about the quality of the organ. An organ only lasts so long and must be transplanted within a specific time.”

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