AMPossible Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible

Putnam County, Below the Knee Amputee, Jeffrey A. Mangus announces his new book
AMPossible with Rowman & Littlefield

HURRICANE, WV, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2021 / — Jeffrey A. Mangus has announced the launch and upcoming release of his new book AMPossible-Real-World Solutions for Amputees to Accomplish the Impossible

Jeffrey A. Mangus, a five-time Sepsis and amputation survivor and below the knee amputee (BKA), has set out to deliver a book filled with straightforward information for both the amputee, his or her family and support network. The goal and intent of the books is to provide real-world help through the journey of limb loss. AMPossible covers everything from the basics of wound care and rehabilitation to the immense obstacles of pain, grief, depression, sexuality, rehabilitation, to even driving. Jeffrey addresses the issues with a passion for helping any amputee overcome what lies in front of them.

Thousands of amputations happen each day, and millions happen each year around the world. Yet, what an amputee experiences minutes after surgery, what’s endured through the heart-wrenching recovery, is rarely addressed in its complexity to the time they get their life back. Almost every amputee experiences an onslaught of emotions filled with confusion, grief, anxiety, depression, and immense physical pain.

AMPOSSIBLE offers a panoramic and close-up view of the realities of limb loss. The book is written for those who experience amputation, including the amputee and their families who need answers to the many questions amputees and their families often have surrounding their urgent medical needs. The book dives deep into the long-term challenges, both physical and emotional, amputees must face.
AMPossible is a no-holds-barred real-world depiction of life as an amputee and answers those essential, critical questions to help you make the best of your limb loss journey.

Jeffrey Mangus said, “My view of my life was terrifying after my limb loss. Struggling through the first days, the not knowing and facing a seemingly bleak future without answers was horrible and life changing. I made it my mission to write this book and be as transparent as I could to deliver a heartfelt message to anyone going through limb loss. My goal is to help and instill hope guide and reach as many as I can with my book. My hope is the book shines light on your life and brings hope to your darkest days.”
AMPossible is an eye-opening perspective, from a person living with limb loss, the information is direct, straightforward on what an amputee needs to know to live a healthy, and bountiful life as an amputee.
Join countless others in learning about the journey through your season of amputation. Experience the best and learn about the worst-case scenarios with your limb loss. AMPossible will shed much-needed light, inspire and support every amputee through the dark forest to reach and accomplish the Impossible.

Publisher-Rowman & Littlefield- Available on Amazon, B&N, BAM and many more.
Available in Hardback, Kindlle and Audio Book
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