Health and Wellness Coach Jeri Candor to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CAMERON, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — Jeri Candor believes that breaking her neck was the best thing that ever happened to her. A horseback riding accident transformed her life, and she is now using her experience to empower and inspire change and growth in others.

Jeri survived a broken neck in 2007 when her horse was stung by an insect, whipped around, and threw her off. Despite slim odds, she held on during the life-flight and extensive surgery. The doctors did not know whether Jeri would regain use of her arms, but after two months, she began to feel sensation again.

During the first 18 months of her rehabilitation, Jeri relied on copious amounts of nerve and pain medications, and she was already facing the reality of their long-term harmful effects.

“I told my neurosurgeon I wanted off the medications. He knew my pain level and didn’t believe I could manage without them, but he referred me to the pain clinic. When I arrived, I received a page of alternative therapies and read down the list. My eye landed on ‘meditation,’ and I knew that’s what I needed to do.”

On a trip to Tibet earlier that year, Jeri had witnessed the physical, mental, and spiritual power of meditation.

“When I began meditating, it was a game-changer. Once I realized I could calm myself, I was able to manage my pain and relieve other symptoms like migraines, digestive problems, and insomnia.” As a result, Jeri became a certified meditation instructor in 2017, training through the McLean Meditation Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. In 2019, Jeri studied coaching at the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program in Rochester, MN, and is now a board-certified health and wellness coach, stress response educator, and owner of Jeri Candor Consulting, LLC.

Today, Jeri specializes in coaching clients who suffer from chronic health issues in her private six-week sessions.

“In a culture where a pill is the first option, we can lose sight of the fact that it is not always a long-term solution. We would be healthier in the long run if we practiced daily stress management in a sustainable way,” Jeri says.

Whether battling physical pain, overcoming crippling anxiety, or functioning in high-stress environments, Jeri focuses on her clients’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to understand how they cope with stress. We will never be completely free of it, but we can learn how to respond to it instead of reacting.

Jeri also offers workshops on Stress Response Management. Those seeking a Keynote Speaker, Continuing Education, or Professional Development can contact her for programming options.

Close Up Radio will feature Jeri Candor in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday March 3rd at 12pm EST and with Doug Llewellyn on Friday March 12th at 12pm EST

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