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Haute Couture Body - Sixpack Surgery

Sixpack Surgery by Dr. Altintas

More than just a high level:
With the haute couture medicine the Mc Aesthetics Clinic extends the range of aesthetic interventions

This brings Mc Aesthetics' premium treatments to a new level”

— Dr. Altintas

GERMANY, June 4, 2020 / — The term haute couture is known as individually tailored fashion consisting of luxurious materials. But now the known premium provider of plastic and aesthetic surgery called Mc Aesthetics is expanding its treatment range with a unique and high-class technique of operation. The clinic, which is located in Cologne, introduces the new luxury class of aesthetic treatments with the haute couture medicine. "This brings Mc Aesthetics' premium treatments to a new level," the company´s medical director Dr. Altintas says in the press conference.

The booming market for cosmetic surgery has led to a clear market division: On the one hand, there are many cheap providers with less qualified staff and cheap medical devices that treat their patients like on an assembly line. Although this is known, many people choose this option and take a high risk to look young and beautiful. A study from UK is looking at this issue because the financial reasons still seem to have the biggest impact on the choice of beauty clinic. It examines the risks of operations in typical low-cost countries and assessed these. Additionally the study also looks at the created unhealthy cultural pressures to undergo partly risky procedures in the name of beauty.

But nowadays it can be also noticed, that on the other hand the interest of people for reliable clinics with highly qualified treatments is increasing.

As the industry leader in Europe, Mc Aesthetics already offers the highest possible standard of aesthetic surgery.

For whom is haute couture medicine suitable?

Haute couture medicine is primarily aimed at a patient clientele who wants the best possible result with the greatest possible effort and safety. The fact, that these measures are very often above the ratio of the intervention does not bother the patients in this treatment class.

In normal operating theater treatments for anesthesia a specialist in anesthesia is used. In the haute couture class the anesthetic team is expanded and includes an anesthesiologist and a senior physician. In addition, controls are carried out by examining the brain waves to ensure safe, calm and relaxing anesthesia under guaranteed conditions.

Furthermore "invisible scars" are advertised. This is based on an extensive technical expansion. Mc Aesthetics has specialists in plastic surgery, who are also microsurgeons. This causes that the sutures are made by using special threads that are usually only used in microsurgery. As a result, necessary seams are made by using magnifying glasses or even with a microscope. The fact, that the seam can last longer than the entire operation in the standard class does not bother the well-heeled clientele due to the fine scars, that are barely visible.
A holistic view is the hallmark of the haute couture medicine series. Interventions without surgery are differentiated from treatments with surgery. Sometimes treatments for the face without surgery take 3 to 6 months to achieve a perfectly natural result, says the Medical Director of the company Prof. Dr. Altintas.

Body shaping as the highest art of aesthetics

In addition, body shaping is a major focus of the treatments. Body shaping and especially the six-pack operation is a milestone in aesthetic surgery, according to PD Dr. Altintas. In order to achieve a natural result, there are not simple standard treatments such as liposuction. The body as a whole must not appear inharmonic. A six-pack operation or body shaping operation is successful when the entire body is adapted to the naturally acting muscles. No implants may be used, says the expert, pointing out that many providers are trying to offer quick treatment here, too. These are extremely dangerous and later only offer scars and bonds instead of aesthetics. A good six-pack operation is good without any indication of the intervention and you should be able to expect a beautiful and natural overall result.

To fulfill this, the operation time sometimes takes 2 or 3 times more than the operation in the higher standard class. The aim is to achieve the best possible result and that under guaranteed conditions. The effort is clearly disproportionate, but is necessary to guarantee this security and the result.

Mc Aesthetics is the first major provider of aesthetic surgery in Europe to counter the trend and open up the new supra class of aesthetic treatments with the haute couture medicine.

The medical director private lecturer Dr. med. Dipl. oec. A. A. Altintas, M.Sc. is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and is a lecturer at the University Clinic Essen. His medical vitae can be read like a novel. Hundreds of scientific publications, book contributions, presidencies of international congresses and activities in Standfort / USA, Los Angelos / USA, London and Zurich. He is the editor of several international journals and is considered a luminary in plastic surgery. He himself is one of the few microsurgeons in Germany and is very pleased that a small but significant group of plastic surgeons are advancing aesthetic surgery to perfection with natural results.

From the start, Mc Aesthetics only offered specialists in the treatment of aesthetic procedures. This is the only way to meet the high expectations of customers. Inexpensive providers mostly lure with free advice or supposedly cheap offers.

Serious and proper advice requires the highest specialist medical expertise and time. A precise analysis including the wishes, expectations and ideas of the patients is an indispensable part of consultation.
Mc Aesthetics is thus the first provider in Europe for patients with expectations that are far above average and demand the best result for themselves.

The company also targets a wealthy clientele who prefer Germany as a location due to high hygiene measures and high standards.

Haute couture medicine will continue to be a 100% subsidiary of Mc Aesthetics UG and will offer the treatments in Cologne and Düsseldorf.

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Source: EIN Presswire