Ibrahim Hakki: Volunteering During The Pandemic

Ibrahim Hakki

Ibrahim Hakki

LARGO, FL, USA, June 2, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to looking for ways to help healthcare workers during the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, nobody would understand the net positive effects that volunteering could have better than Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki. As a student, Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki has volunteered his time doing everything from surgical assistance to web designing. If you are looking for someone to help your volunteer organization lift-off and provide more benefits to more people, then Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki is your guy.

During this hard time, it can be difficult to find out exactly what you can do to help. "It feels as if you don't have a place to belong or that you really are not contributing anything to fighting what the entire planet is trying to fight." Ibrahim Hakki says. "It forces you to become quite inventive and figure out something else that you can do to help out."

And being inventive is something that is right in Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki's wheelhouse. "I started doing volunteer work for medical organizations back in high school." Ibrahim Hakki explains. "Thankfully I am still in connection with the people that ran those organizations." Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki credits the several hospitals he worked in as well as GAFTA or Global Alliance for Terminating Isis as instilling him with a volunteering ethic. "It was something that was extremely important for me and something that I am proud to say I was involved in very early on." Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki explains. As a volunteer in the Global Alliance for Terminating Isis, Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki worked as a volunteer website designer as well as a public relations expert. "Those were the formative years that, had I not been a part of GAFTA, I would not be the person that I am today." Ibrahim Hakki says.

Ibrahim Hakki talks mask for healthcare workers

As an expert volunteer, it is only natural that the subject of what individuals like Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki would be doing during the pandemic situation. "Well, at the moment I am helping my mom make masks for healthcare workers in lower-income locations that might not have the access that we so desperately need at the moment." Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki says. When asked about his thoughts on the response, Ibrahim Hakki is an optimist.
"It think that, because this country is great and our people are resilient, we will make the breakthroughs that we need to succeed." And it isn't just breakthroughs in medical and surgical mask making that Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki is excited about.

"I have friends that are also now starting to step up and take care of business." Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki explains. He is referring to a group of neighborhood friends that have taken to delivering toilet paper and groceries to older neighbors that might need those services at the current situation. "It is really incredible to see some of my friends that I never thought to volunteer a day in their lives, actually getting out there and helping the community." Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki continues.

This all just goes to show that when there is a problem in the community, with individuals like Ibrahim Jutiar Hakki, the community is quick to fight back.

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