Margaret Carter of The Bright Life Coach to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2020 / — The pain of depression is more painful than anything I can imagine, but your diagnosis and medications enable you to do the work to get better.

Margaret Carter is The Bright Life Coach, where she specializes in empowering people with depression who are under the care of a psychiatrist.

“I'm an empowerment coach and I really specialize in resilience, overcoming pain, back into happiness” says Margaret. “I will consistently and masterfully help you grow into a person that you never knew was possible.”

Margaret’s story is one of resilience. She fell into a deep, dark depression in her twenties and struggled with it for decades.

“I was in so much pain I couldn't talk to anyone. I struggled with depression for another 20 years on different types of medicines. I struggled in my business. I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn't have the energy to fight anymore. That’s when I hired a coach.”

Everyone that has achieved great things has done so with talented and dedicated support. Margaret’s coach taught her an entirely new way of seeing herself in the world. That’s when miraculous changes started to take place.

“I did all of this positive work on my mind,” she recalls. “I paid close attention to a really loving view of spirituality that was nonjudgmental and loving and forgiving of myself and others. I started getting off medications and my psychiatrist was just blown away. Then I met my guy, which I never thought that was going to happen. We live together now, and we've never had a fight.”

Margaret realized it was time to help others to turn their life around in powerful and meaningful ways. She decided to become a coach to teach people like her how to overcome depression.

“To be an empowerment coach, you have to teach excellence,” says Margaret. “Therapists are good at analyzing the past. Psychiatrists offer diagnoses and medication. Coaches are great at helping you discover what your dreams, and what you want to achieve and then help you figure out how you want to do it.”

Margaret says you can bring more peace and joy than you ever imagined through life coaching.

“The language you use is what you think; what you think is what you attract,” says Margaret. “I created the depression by thinking all of these awful things about myself and believing them. My train of thought was really self-destructive. “The pathways and my brain are so deep I will be on medication for the rest of my life, but I started changing the language, and gradually, I overcame my depression. I believe my clients can too.”

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