Men-focused organisations, specialised in health and wellness, launch an awareness campaign on men's sexual health

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MYHIXEL is pioneer in the development of a new, scientifically proven method that helps men and their partners to control climax and improve their sexual relations.

One in three men has sexual health issues but, despite its impact in general health, hardly seek professional help

Thanks to our collaboration with sex therapists and urologists we are translating long, frequent sessions of medical consultations into app-based and simulator-facilitated gamified programmes.”

— Patricia López Trabajo. MYHIXEL. CEO.


The largest survey to date on men's sexual health found 28% of men suffered from at least one sexual issue in the last year. “Sex is a common concern that we don’t necessarily deal with”, states Jesús Rodríguez, medical adviser at MYHIXEL( and ISM clinical sexology center director. This statement could rightly be the summary of the Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors. According to this macro survey, half of the population suffers from a sex-related disorder, but less than 20% of those men actually seek medical help.

Men's sexual wellness campaign
Considering these numbers, and on the occasion of International Men's Day, organisations specialised in health, ISM sexological institute, sexual wellness, MYHIXEL, sensuality, Let’s Kinky, and personal care SHAVE barbers & spa, are launching a campaign to improve men's health and sexual wellness. “” first goal is conversation itself, to talk about men's most common health and wellness issues, and offer help” explains Patricia López, founder and CEO of MYHIXEL, a sexual health and wellness start-up. "No complex problem has a simple solution", notes Eduard García Cruz, senior urologist at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and part of MYHIXEL group of health experts. "Professionally-led sexual therapy is the key to achieve long-term improvements", continues García Cruz.

Sex matters, do something about it
To grasp the problem we need to understand its impact on general health, well-being and self-esteem. Doctors warned in advanced and statistics confirmed it: satisfaction with sex is essential to have a positive outlook on life. In fact, sexual disorders often are sentinel symptoms for other diseases. And this isn't just a personal problem, sexual dysfunctions affect the couple sooner or later.

“To give one example, premature ejaculation, or more generally, ejaculation control, is a very common concern among men” observes sexologist Jesús Rodríguez, lead researcher in the field and MYHIXEL advisor. “It sometimes has a huge impact on self-esteem and wellness, both for the person and the partner. However, invisible barriers, taboos, prevent men from seeking solutions”, concludes Rodríguez.

Technology helps, but keeping an open mind is necessary
In this XXIst century, science and technology are removing certain barriers: “Thanks to our collaboration with sex therapists and urologists we are translating long, frequent sessions of medical consultations into app-based and simulator-facilitated gamified programmes” explains MYHIXEL CEO, Patricia López. “From the intimacy of our homes, anyone can learn to control ejaculation while having fun, and reach a new sex and satisfaction level in sexual relationships”, states Patricia.

"Men attending medical consultation are very worried about the tests we will be performing" comments García Cruz, "but the most important of all is talking".

Five keys to improve men's sexual health
At medical experts offer advice and guidance to increase men and couples’ sexual wellness. To start-off, here are five simple and yet fundamental tips to enjoy sustainable positive changes:

1. Sex matters: act accordingly.
You can't live fully if sex fails. Double it if in a relationship. Free yourself from drama and worry, and become conscious instead, get information and act. There are no general rules, every human being is different, so you must learn and grant yourself for what you need.

2. Talk, listen, discuss, share (with your partner or partners, with your close friends)
We don't talk about sex enough. Talking is the first step, and the fundamental one to understand, communicate, give and receive help, learn, enjoy… Whether or not in a relationship, to talk about what we feel and need is magical. Try it!

3. Know, explore and love yourself
Knowledge is power. Dare to know your body, your sensations, what you like, what you need. Sex, alone or with someone, is an adventure, and should be fun, thrilling and surprising. It will improve your self-esteem and your bond with your partner.

4. Innovate
Its a loud secret: experiment and play, with love and respect, is the best ingredient for a fullfilled sexual life, single or in a relationship. There are plenty options to try, learn and enjoy… just get information and choose whatever suits you best.

5. Check with an expert
Stats are overwhelming, we can dramatically improve our sexual wellness. But we don't do the basics: ask experts. Even if there are comfortable options. MYHIXEL offers mobile-based consulations with sex therapists and urologists. This is the XXIst century, take advantage of it!

MYHIXEL is a Spanish start-up founded in 2017 with the mission to improve the quality of male sex lives. We are pioneers in the development of a new, scientifically proven method that helps men and their partners to control and improve their sexual relations.

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