RNA Therapeutics 2020 to Highlight Downregulating Therapeutic Technologies

RNA Therapeutics Conference & Oligonucleotide Delivery Systems Focus Day

RNA Therapeutics Conference & Oligonucleotide Delivery Systems Focus Day

SMi Reports: The morning session on day two of SMi’s RNA Therapeutics conference will pay a particular focus to “Downregulating Therapeutic Technologies”.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — SMi are proud to host the 11th annual RNA Therapeutics conference on February 19th – 20th 2020 in London. This year’s event will maintain a focus on the latest research and developments on delivery system technologies aimed at tackling difficult targets within the human body.

An early bird savings of £200 expires on 29th November. Interested parties are encouraged to register early at www.therapeutics-rna.com/einpr4

The conference will pay close attention to regulations within the field of RNA Therapeutics, such as, continuing upon patenting novel products, the release of new 2020 regulations in the clinical trials arena and ensuring compliance. The agenda for the morning of day two will highlight “Downregulating Therapeutic Technologies”.

Session Highlights Include:

MiRNA Therapeutics: From Discovery to the Bedside

• The non-coding genome makes up 98.8% of the human genome. Most of this non-coding genome is transcribed into non-coding RNAs that may play an important role in cellular regulation in health and disease; these non-coding RNAs could be novel targets for future medicines.
• MicroRNAs are short non-coding RNAs that regulate biochemical pathways and networks of pathways by the mechanism of RNA interference (RNAi). MicroRNA-21 has been implicated in multiple organs as a microRNA associated with fibrotic diseases and cancer.
• The presentation will summarise the opportunities and challenges of developing microRNA-based drugs and will illustrate the successful generation of an anti-fibrotic microRNAbased therapeutic approach by targeting microRNA-21 with an antisense oligonucleotide (anti-miR-21). This microRNA-based drug is now in a phase 2 clinical trial for a fibrotic kidney disease called Alport Syndrome.
Ekkehard Leberer, Senior Director, Alliance Management, Sanofi

MicroRNA Replacement Therapy: Myth or Reality?

• miRNAs – Mother Nature has already done most of the job! …
• miRNAs as novel therapeutic intervention in Oncology
• miRNA replacement therapy (miRNA mimics)
Michel Janicot, Chief Development Officer, InteRNA Technologies

NanoGenics; Using a peptide nanoparticle, LipTide, to develop a siRNA product portfolio

• How does the peptide nanoparticle, LipTide resemble an artificial virus?
• Delivering siRNA with LipTide across multiple administration routes
• Case study; Targeting the MRTF pathway to develop siRNA anti-fibrotic drugs

Simon Newman, CSO, Nanogenics

This year’s agenda also includes a Focus Day held the 18th of February including sessions on recent developments in “Oligonucleotide Delivery Systems”.

View the full event programme at www.therapeutics-rna.com/einpr4

RNA Therapeutics
Focus Day: 18th February 2020
Conference: 19th – 20th February 2020
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

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