GrowthCell Global Becomes the Exclusive Worldwide Distributors of a Patented Oligopeptide Complex

GrowthCell’s Oligopeptide Complex

GrowthCell Global Corp. infusing nutraceuticals with patented oligopeptide complex that increases bioavailability, announces a new partnership with Delczeg Inc.

KAMLOOP, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, September 20, 2019 / — GrowthCell Global Corp. (“GCG”), a Canadian corporation, infusing nutraceuticals with a patented oligopeptide complex that increases bioavailability, announces an exciting new partnership with Delczeg Inc. The agreement involves GCG becoming the official exclusive worldwide distributor for the rights to manufacture, distribute, market and sell the active raw ingredient, oligopeptide (embryonic peptide), bearing the U.S. patent number 9,999,654,B2 in conjunction with any product whatsoever (people & pets) with the exception of Romania. These break-through anti-aging formulas contain natural occurring growth factors & peptides responsible for reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body.

This oligopeptide complex is a patented pharmaceutical grade raw ingredient that contains 10+ natural occurring growth factors. It was invented and patented by Dr. Gheorghe Mihaescu, MD, an international expert in Experimental Immunology in Oncology, Steroid Biochemistry, Radio-assay Methodologies, and Geriatric Nutrition. He spent 10 years of research at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Physical and Engineering Research in Bucharest, Romania. During this time, he endeavoured to perfect this unparalleled technology of extracting vaccine-graded embryonic stem cell in bio-active state using cutting-edge technology of processing embryo-peptides by tangential ultra-filtration. In addition, using intestinal absorption enhancers to increase its bioavailability when taken orally.

What sets it apart is the naturally occurring growth factors that signal the receptors in the body. Combined with the peptides and their low molecular weight, you get a chemical/bio-signalling product on the cellular level, as almost every product on the market cannot penetrate the cellular membrane in order to properly communicate with the cell. GCG’s oligopeptide complex is pluripotent with a great architect known as growth factors (the brain behind the cell). A molecular biologist also found that the growth factors in this complex are a full agonist to the CBD receptors.

Commenting on the agreement, Darcie Parkhurst, co-founder of GrowthCell Global Corp., says, "We are really excited to have the exclusive global distributorship and believe that this value-added ingredient in products will lead to a positive impact on people’s health worldwide.”

This novel technology in combination with CBD in particular, as demonstrated by a human study, shows the increase of the CBD blood concentration by 139% over 9 hours with the oligopeptide complex (GrowthCell) in combination with CBD vs. CBD alone.

To discuss licensing opportunities of this oligopeptide complex or a white label of finished products contact us for more information.

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Source: EIN Presswire