Global Medical Clothing Market 2019 Growth, Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Segmentation And Forecast To 2024

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PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, September 11, 2019 / — Global Medical Clothing Industry Market 2019


Medical protective clothing is a clothing product that safeguards medical professionals from destructive pathogens. Medical protective clothing is not only used by medical professionals but it is also essential for the patients, in order to safeguard them from the harmful pathogens and bacteria spread all over the hospital.

The different types of protective apparel available in the market. Medical professionals prefer the type of medical protective clothing material based on the requirements of their job. The list of major types of protective covering clothes includes masks, safety glasses or face shields, gloves, lab coats, scrubs, shoes/boots masks, and surgical gown.

Safety glasses or face shields are commonly denoted as plastic goggles that provide protection against sudden splashes of fluids such as vomit, blood or excrement. Protective masks are generally worn over the mouth and nose to avoid the exhalation of microorganisms during the treatment/surgery procedures.

Research suggests that High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) masks are mainly preferred for medical use that offers maximum protection from hazardous microorganisms. Gloves are taken up when working with sterile equipment and body fluids. Surgical gowns are used by surgeons to avoid contamination during surgery. The characteristics of protective medical clothing include adjustable closures, lightweight materials for comfort and anti-static compositions.

Major Players in Medical Clothing market are:
Dickies Medical
Fashion Seal
Healing Hands
Barco Uniform
Peaches Uniforms

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Market growth analysis:

Strong competition among manufacturers in order to guarantee improved product outcome plays a key role in driving medical clothing market growth. Rising awareness among the public about the benefits of medical protective clothing accounted for global market growth.

Growing numbers of surgical procedures and increasing incidences of different chronic diseases are considerably driving the global market demand for protective medical protective clothing. The regions of North America and Europe are believed to have the widest medical protective clothing market as the crucial market players are domiciled in these regions. The countries like India, China, and Japan in Asia-Pacific are assumed to be emerging due to growing market penetration in these areas.

Market segmentation:

The global Medical Clothing market can be segmented based on major applications, product types, and important regions. The key products that are manufactured by productive medical clothing market are-

Physician clothing
Work clothing
Guider clothing
Patient clothing
First aid clothing

Based on applications, the market can be further segmented into:


Based on regions, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, The Middle East & Africa, South America and the Asia Pacific including India, China, and Japan.

News events:

According to research, surgical gowns and drapes, including other surgical pack segments, account for almost 67% of all medical nonwovens, by value and tonnage. Experts suggest that on comparing one-time wear nonwovens with traditional reusable materials in gowns and drapes, we can encounter the benefits of nonwovens. Even though the reusable textile fabrics have evolved, research still favors disposable drapes and gowns as they have a more reliable, solid, and reproducible bacterial impermeability.

The non-woven face masks are also foreseen to witness growth with increasing cases of infectious diseases such as H1N1 swine flu or SARS. Researchers predict that the global value for nonwovens in medical applications lies around $1.28 billion in 2019. Also, the non-woven medical cloth market is expected to yield a revenue of $1.61 billion by the year .

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