iPSCs Turned into Cell Therapies: The Wave is Coming

iPSC that can be used in clinical trials are critically important for companies to use in developing cell therapies for regenerative medicine

Allele produces clinical grade iPSC and iPSC-derived tissue specific cells under its own GMP in California

iPSCs Turned into Cell Therapies: The Wave is Coming, Learn It All at ISSCR LA June 26, Allele Session in the Morning

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A record number of iPSC-based cell therapy programs around the globe entered clinical trials last year. These trials are currently generating initial data in the fields of eye disease, neurological diseases, cancer, heart failure, and serious immune complications. Learn about it at the Allele focus session on June 26th, the opening day of ISSCR-2019 in Los Angeles.

Distinguished scientists who are currently running first-in-human clinical trials in this space will share their data and insights at the session. In addition, experts on regulatory affairs, policy making, commercial production, and reimbursement strategies will also present and join the panel discussion on some of the most relevant aspects of realizing the potential of iPSCs in medicine.

The session will be chaired by Dr. Rajesh Ambasudhan, Chief Strategist of Allele Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals. The speakers represent the NIH, Osaka University, Allele Biotechnology, Cynata Therapeutics, Fate Therapeutics, IQVIA, Q-Therapeutics and a former Chair of FDA’s CTGT Advisory Committee.

The session organizer, Allele Biotechnology, is a San Diego based company that has developed and wholly owns its mRNA core technology for reprogramming and cell type specific differentiation. In the past 5 years Allele has established a cGMP facility that has dedicated cleanrooms, quality control system and validated operating procedures for iPSC-based product development. Allele’s founder and CEO, Dr. Jiwu Wang, will present on current state-of-art in cGMP manufacturing of iPSCs and iPSC-derived cell therapeutics, taking examples from the company’s manufacturing operations and its in-house therapeutic programs where it has partnered with commercial entities.

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