Laser Therapy Poised to Replace Opiates

Dr. Nelson Marquina, MSc., PhD., DC, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Laser Biotech International

Dr. Marquina instructs a group of medical practitioners on the benefits of laser therapy at the Laser Biotech International training center in Richmond, VA

Dr. Marquina demonstrates using a laser to treat tempromandibular joint dysfunction

Physicians are preparing for the probability that insurance reimbursement will soon be available for laser therapy.

One of the best practical classes I have ever taken”

— previous course attendee

RICHMOND, VA, USA, March 14, 2019 / — Laser therapy has become increasingly popular as a painless, no-side-effects treatment for pain and inflammation. As a result physicians are preparing for the probability that insurance reimbursement will depend on appropriate certification for this emerging therapy. The technology within today's lasers is a powerful tool when used by a practitioner with expertise in advanced treatment techniques. In an effort to meet the rising demand, Logan University, located in St. Louis, MO. will be hosting alumnus and noted laser expert Dr. Nelson Marquina and his popular laser practitioner certification program. The course will be held the weekend of March 30th.

This program is the first and only university certified laser therapy practitioner program in the United States. Dr. Marquina will be delivering scientific hands-on training to ensure high proficiency in the safe, effective use of therapeutic lasers for treating common conditions such as pain and inflammation as well as stimulating tissue repair. Additionally, Dr. Marquina will cover topics such as how to accurately tailor wattage and nanometers for specific results and how to optimize treatments with different types of lasers. Course attendees will receive a solid foundation in creating effective treatment plans with specific techniques for reducing inflammation and resolving pain.

Previous attendees attest that the course was “One of the best practical classes I have ever taken" filled with “Practical information I can implement on Monday morning” and “Practical applications, lots of examples, clearly the instructor is an expert on the subject.” This world class informational experience will be immediately transferable to treating patient pain safely and effectively.

Dr. Marquina is an internationally renowned expert who upped the laser therapy game in 1999 with the introduction of superpulsed lasers to the United States and obtained FDA clearance for those lasers in 2004. Marquina has also authored several scientific chapters and articles in healthcare texts and journals and remains very passionate about helping physicians acquire the means to effectively treat patient pain and inflammation.

The course is being offered to physicians in physical medicine as well as their staff. Staff members must attend with a licensed physician.

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“How Therapeutic Lasers Work”from the December 2018 webinar”Post-Operative Pain Relief” led by Dr. Marquina.

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