Tips to Help Keep Skin Soft as the Weather Chills from Dr. Kam Habibi

Winter is right around the corner and it is important to keep your skin protected from the cold.

SUNRISE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — The largest organ on anyone’s body is their skin. Yes, a skin is an organ and it is extremely important to protect this organ as a person would any other. Skin is responsible for protecting the body from infection, regulating body temperature and allows people the ability to feel sensations. However, the skin is usually overlooked when it comes to health and well being.

Yet, Dr. Kam Habibi warns that with winter approaching, skin needs more attention to stay healthy. Therefore, Dr. Kam Habibi is offering the best tips he knows to keep skin soft as the weather gets colder. After all, soft skin is not purely aesthetic. It is also a valuable indication of the body’s overall health.

Drink More Water

Many people struggle with hydrating sufficiently throughout the year. However, during the winter months, this can be even more difficult. The reason primarily is that people gravitate toward hot beverages, instead of water. After all, it is cold, so a cold drink is not the most appealing thing. Although, it is still the best thing for your body. To keep skin healthy, it needs to remain hydrated. By consuming our favorite hot beverages, the amount of hydration is not enough to sustain our body. Therefore, it is important to continue drinking enough water to maintain soft skin.

Invest in a Humidifier

While the cold can be detrimental to the skin, a dry home, even if it is warm, can still hurt skin. To mitigate the effects of the air drying out your skin, use a humidifier. This will return moisture to the air and it will lessen the effects of the dry air on the skin. Additionally, putting a bowl of water (in a heat-safe container) on a radiator can also return moisture to the air.

Take Short Showers

There is nothing better in the winter than connecting with a warm shower. Although, like many pleasurable things, too much is often a bad thing. This is true for long, hot showers during the winter months. While a person wants to bathe themselves appropriately, taking long, hot showers scrubs a lot of the oils off the skin. These oils are necessary to protect the skin from drying out. Instead of scrubbing your face and hands with hot water, using lukewarm water is better for retaining the skin’s moisture.


During the winter months, getting into a routine of moisturizing is the best course of action for keeping skin soft. Dr. Kam Habibi suggests moisturizing before going to bed and after taking a shower, at least. Also, keeping cream at your place of work to moisturize hands is also a good idea.

In summation, keeping skin soft and healthy throughout the winter is slightly time-consuming. Plus, it is another thing to add to your daily routine. Yet, considering it is protecting the largest organ of your body, is a good reason to make the sacrifice. Plus, once a habit is established, Dr. Kam Habibi ensures that you will look and feel great as a result.

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