A New Powerful Blood Test to Detect Your Risk of a Heart Attack or Stroke

Cardiac test Calgary

PULS Cardiac Test

PULS Cardiac Test Calgary

Calgary's Heart Fit Clinic is the only one that offers the revolutionary P.U.L.S. Cardiac Test to detect risk of heart attack or stroke in the next five years.

The majority of heart attack and strokes occur with blockages that are less than 50%. Therefore routine cholesterol and exercise stress tests will miss these vulnerable blockages”

— Diamond Fernandes

CALGARY, ALTA, CANADA, September 19, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Calgary’s Heart Fit Clinic now offers The P.U.L.S. (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) Cardiac Test. This test has received significant attention within the international medical community as an effective diagnostic and predictive tool that allows physicians to identify patients with subclinical, asymptomatic heart disease, who may otherwise be unaware they are at risk of experiencing an acute cardiac event. A major issue for physicians is being able to accurately detect the disease, since most patients present with no signs or symptoms before a fatal or debilitating heart attack.

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and hospitalization in Canada, but it is 80% preventable with early detection and treatment. Physicians rely heavily on the Framingham heart score to estimate cardiovascular risk in prevention of cardiovascular diseases. However, the majority of patients who present in the hospital have normal to borderline heart scores along with no prior signs of symptoms.

“The majority of heart attacks and strokes occur with blockages that are less than 50%. Therefore, routine cholesterol and exercise stress tests will miss these vulnerable blockages.” says Diamond Fernandes, director of Heart Fit Clinic. Heart disease is an universal disease and now family physicians and cardiologists can use the PULS Cardiac Test to improve patient care. This can include aggressive lifestyle modification with exercise, nutrition and stress management along with, optimal medical therapy.

The Heart Fit Clinic’s treatment plan includes aggressive lifestyle modification therapy along with External Counterpulsation to prevent fatal heart attacks and strokes.

The PULS Cardiac Test is a non-invasive blood test that measures the body’s immune response to coronary artery injury in patients with no symptoms of heart disease. The body’s response to coronary artery injury frequently causes formation of lesions in the coronary artery wall, which may become unstable and rupture, leading to the formation of a blood clot, the most common cause of heart attacks.

The Heart Fit Clinic can now predict the likelihood patients will experience an Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS event) within a 5-year period. Identifying these vulnerable patients before they have a cardiac event guides physicians to improve patient care by allowing physicians to implement potentially life-saving prevention plans.

For more information please contact Heart Fit Clinic, info@heartfit.ca 403-870-4348.

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PULS Cardiac Test

Source: EIN Presswire